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The most intriguing discipline amongst others in the world of education is the study of ‘Law’. The School of Law intrinsically strengthens the fundamentals of enacted Indian & Foreign Laws. The school desire to cultivate interest in the subject by emancipating ideas, inculcating knowledge and infusing confidence amongst budding lawyers.

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Best Law colleges in Rajasthan for BA LLB, BBA LLB, LLB

Acquiring knowledge is the right of every person. Education has aspired higher as if tied with wings. Technology has given a new dimension to the education field. Every field has progressed and made changes in prospects. But the importance of education and the respect for knowledge remains unchanged. The career prospects for a law student are very bright. The School of Law imparts unmatched curriculum to the student which helps him/her to develop the instinctive prospects. The School of Law was established with a futuristic vision which could keep the students updated with the changing perspective and imparting a high level of quality education through various law courses such as integrated BA + LLB, BBA + LLB and LLB. 

The dimension and utility of law has grown several folds with the passage of time. With the economy of globalization, modern technological innovations and advancements, the area of law has further increased manifolds. The School of Law, Best Law college in India, aims to produce an array of advocates or law graduates according to the changing needs of society so as to augment the achievements of students in the attainment of educational and career goals. The School of law further aims to investigate the established areas of knowledge through independent research, together with collaboration with other institutions in business or education having related goals.

RNB Global University, Best Law University in india emphasizes on innovation and cost cutting strategy primarily in all its ongoing programmes. The other high end aim of RNBGU is to provide high quality education required for preparing professionals in the field of business, industry and Government. The University uses traditional as well as modern techniques of instruction so as to sharpen the quality of students and enhance their academic performance altogether.

The environment of RNB Global University instills a spirit of inquiry, problem solving, dexterity, creativity, inventiveness and entrepreneurship through hands-on cross- disciplinary learning, thereby cultivating scores of values, and job and life skills in students. The learning environment of the university enhances and promotes cross-disciplinary research in law and allied disciplines. Taking into consideration the extended sphere of jurisdiction in the modern era, the school of law is dexterously involved in preparing law graduates who are industry ready and are well- equipped to take on leadership responsibilities skillfully.

The university envisions upholding core constitutional values of the country. The school of law is consistently working on goals to excel in the parameters of delivering socially relevant legal education, meeting the highest academic and professional standards on all fronts. The school evaluates and responds particularly to the legal dimensions of globalization and its sundry impacts so as to foster a legal justice system that precisely meets the needs of people of our country.

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The School of Law offers graduate as well as integrated courses which include B.B.A (LL.B.), LL.B. to B.A (LL.B.).

The highlight of the school is its focus on innovative ways to motivate students to enjoy the subject. The Course Curriculum is designed to build the foundation of the students and to enhance their knowledge in other relating disciplines of study simultaneously.

The school has brought in expert faculties to groom and train the students by adopting modern pedagogical techniques. The key emphasis of new teaching aids is to impart world class learning and pragmatic approach that can help them in building bright careers in the Industry. We grant our law undergraduates a grand platform to experiment and explore the areas in order to launch themselves as knowledgeable law practitioners ahead. Our objective is to provide them sufficient knowledge of the legal acts/ regulations, resources to navigate recent contributions, podium to interact with scholars, economists & reputed advocates and professors to maneuver their raw direction.

The teaching standards of the School of Law are inspired by International Law schools As a result; students are encouraged to participate in Moot Court sessions, legal workshops, seminars and Group discussions. It will in turn groom the personality of aspiring advocates in the most impressive manner.

In the nutshell, the approach of the School of law in imparting legal education encompasses:

  1. Flexibility: A student is given the leverage to independently follow the set norms within the decorum of the campus.
  2. Innovation: innovation is the essence in every field. The students interestingly learn methods of law, justice and constitutional rights through pragmatic approach.
  3. Relevance: The theoretical syllabus of the school teaches them about various branches of Law with precision and accuracy.;
  4. Stimulation: The practical activities which arouses interest and curiosity of the students to explore and navigate.;
There are several career opportunities after graduating in law. Based on the specialization, a law graduate can find scores of job opportunities.
With the highest litigation rates among its population, India is rightly said to be, “a lawyer’s paradise.” It is aptly said that talent never has had to worry about opportunities. There are scores of available good opportunities for a talented law graduate in Indian industry. A lawyer is someone who is skilled in the understanding of law. Since times immemorial, Lawyers have donned many hats right from politicians to freedom fighters to writers.
There are surplus opportunities for a law graduate. An undergraduate in law can either practice as an advocate in a court of law established by government of India or can work with corporate firms. The school offers B.B.A (L.L.B); the graduates of this program have a high demand in the corporate sector. Such undergraduates can serve as a legal advisor to the corporate firms. Then on clearing of several competitive exams in the field of law, conducted by Public Service commission, a law graduate can compete for the position of a Judge.
The other programs offered by the school of law are B.A (L.L.B), and L.L.B. On completion and gaining experience a graduate can aim to become Solicitor General or a Public Prosecutor. A law graduate can also offer services to government departments and ministries. Besides, graduates in law can also compete for teaching in colleges, working with NGOs and working as a reporter for newspapers and television channels and other lucrative options. A law graduate can also begin his/her career as a Criminal Lawyer, civil Litigation Lawyer, Legal Analyst or a Legal Journalist sometimes as Legal Advisor to corporate and firms, Government Lawyer, Document Drafting Lawyer or a Judge. 
The School of Law imparts unparallel law education to the students. The campus in itself is the most sought after as it is well equipped with all facilities. The institute is accredited with legal experts who impart the skills to the students with the latest technology. The students go in the school as learners and come out as experts or appropriately put as lawyers. Such is the significance of the institute. The teaching staff and the management are largely responsible for creating this congenial atmosphere in the institute.
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