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Admission Open 2022

Admission Open 2022

Soft Skills

The development of soft skills is extremely essential in the fiercely competitive corporate arena. The University shall introduce exclusive sessions that are aimed at the development of soft skills among the students.


Soft skill training entails grooming of the overall personality of the student and preparing them for the professional world. The RNB Global University aims to lay special emphasis on the comprehensive development of the student's Soft Skills so that they have utmost faith in themselves and can face the corporate world with utmost confidence. These soft skills sessions will aid the students to improve their linguistic skills, especially English and nurture their body language and gestures.

Communication Skills

The RNB Global University is planning to include an exclusive faculty for improving Soft Skills who shall be responsible for grooming the soft skills of the students. It will help the students to gain confidence and improve their conversational skills. Most importantly, these skills shall arm the graduates with additional strength in comparison to the other candidates in every sphere.

Body Language & Gestures

The RNB Global University will organize special sessions for students wherein they will be mentored by experts on ways of improving their body language and usage of gestures at professional zones or events. This will help them to understand the importance of maintaining eye contact during the course of the interviews, erect sitting position and the delivery of the right expressions.

Presentation Skills

With cut throat competition, it becomes essential for students to stand out amongst the crowd of people on the basis of their caliber, skills and knowledge. The experts at the RNB Global University will focus greatly in developing the presentation skills of the students by teaching them the art of developing, creating and executing their presentation with a professional approach and attitude.


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