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Ltd. | 24th Mar, Webinar on How To Prepare for Corporate World and rise in Rank | 22nd Mar, Webinar on “Protective Discrimination under Constitution of India” | 17th Mar, Annual HR Conclave 2018 | 17th Mar, Guest lecture on Development of Judgement Writing Skill | 16th Mar, International Visit to Singapore / Domestic Visits to Mumbai and Chandigarh | 15th Mar, International Visit to Singapore / Domestic Visits to Mumbai and Chandigarh | 14th Mar, International Visit to Singapore / Domestic Visits to Mumbai and Chandigarh | 13th Mar, International Visit to Singapore / Domestic Visits to Mumbai and Chandigarh | 12th Mar, International Visit to Singapore / Domestic Visits to Mumbai and Chandigarh | 11th Mar, International Visit to Singapore / Domestic Visits to Mumbai and Chandigarh | 10th Mar, International Visit to Singapore / Domestic Visits to Mumbai and Chandigarh | 8th Mar, Women's Day Celebration | 28th Feb, Interactive Session on Theater: Its Relevance in Present Context | 28th Feb, National Science Day | 27th Feb, Students of RNBGU associated in Bikaner Theater Festival | 26th Feb, Students of RNBGU associated in Bikaner Theater Festival | 25th Feb, Students of RNBGU associated in Bikaner Theater Festival | 24th Feb, Interactive session by Mr. Vijay Kumar Naik | 24th Feb, Students of RNBGU associated in Bikaner Theater Festival | 23rd Feb, Guest Lecture on Formation of Company | 21st Feb, District Court Visit by School of Law | 20th Feb, Workshop on Online Safety | 19th Feb, Seminar by Microsoft Education for Educational Excellence with Microsoft Tools | 17th Feb, 3rd Seminar on Banking and Insurance Sector of India | 12th Feb, Guest Lecture on Equal Rights of Hindu Daughters over Ancestral Property | 10th Feb, Auto Expo 2018 | 7th Feb, Webinar on Role of IS in Development Projects of Smart City | 4th Feb, World Cancer Day | 1st Feb, Live Budget Session | 30th Jan, Legal Aid Camp at Pemasar Village | 29th Jan, Session on Options of Higher Education | 27th Jan, The Annual Sports Fest - SPREE | 26th Jan, Republic Day Celebration | 26th Jan, The Annual Sports Fest - SPREE | 24th Jan, Pre Budget Discussion | 24th Jan, Supreme Court Visit by School of Law | 22nd Jan, A Seminar on Art of Mind Control | 22nd Jan, Basant Panchami | 16th Jan, ICICI Prudential Campus Drive | 13th Jan, 2nd Blood Donation Camp | 13th Jan, Kite Flying Competition | 12th Jan, Registration closes for SPREE | 10th Jan, World Laughter Day | 6th Jan, World Book Fair, New Delhi 2018 | 26th Dec, Registration opens for SPREE | 23rd Dec, Annual Fest - INSPIRE | 22nd Dec, Annual Fest - INSPIRE | 22nd Dec, National Mathematics Day | 21st Dec, Annual Fest - INSPIRE | 18th Dec, Guest Lecture on Astrophysics | 10th Dec, Human RIghts Day | 6th Dec, Registration closes for INSPIRE | 1st Dec, World AIDS Day | 24th Nov, Special session on Interview Tips | 22nd Nov, Guest Lecture on Career Scope in Armed Forces | 22nd Nov, Interactive session by Mr. Bharat Taparia | 20th Nov, Registration Open for INSPIRE | 18th Nov, Industrial visit to Neyveli Lignite Corporation, Barsinghsar | 17th Nov, 1st State Level Moot Court Competition | 16th Nov, Girls Table Tennis Match | 16th Nov, Guest Lecture on Modern Retail in India | 14th Nov, International Trade Fair Visit | 10th Nov, Guest Lecture on Entrepreneurship Development | 9th Nov, Legal Services Day - SOL | 7th Nov, FDP session on Role of Academic Excellence | 7th Nov, Guest Lecture on Nanophotonics | 6th Nov, Industrial Visit to Lit n Fit Manufacturing Plant | 3rd Nov, Guest Lecture on Investment and Financial Markets | 2nd Nov, Guest Lecture on Competition Act | 2nd Nov, Guest Lecture on Internship opportunities in UK | 1st Nov, Inauguration of Social Initiative Rainbow | 30th Oct, Guest Lecture on Communicate in English Effectively | 28th Oct, Guest Lecture on Motor vehicle act and Claim Procedure | 17th Oct, Dhantryodashi - Dhanteras Celebration | 16th Oct, World Food Day | 13th Oct, Seminar on Green Chemistry | 7th Oct, Workshop on Moot Court Techniques | 3rd Oct, Motivational Speech by Bollywood Actor Mr. Kabir Bedi | 28th Sep, Navratra Celebration | 26th Sep, Visit to National Physical Lab (CSIR), Delhi | 23rd Sep, Basketball and Volleyball Match | 22nd Sep, Rose Day - Welfare of Cancer Patients | 21st Sep, Guest Lecture by Mr. Shankar Goenka | 21st Sep, Legal Aid Camp at Jamsar Village | 16th Sep, Fresher's Party: Fresh-o-Mania | 15th Sep, Engineer's Day | 12th Sep, NSE Seminar by Mr. Rahul Agarwal | 6th Sep, Comedy Show by Mr. Anmol Shukla | 5th Sep, Teacher's Day | 3rd Sep, Founder's Day | 26th Aug, Hero My Fresh Face - 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Admission Open 2022

Admission Open 2022

Best Practice 2

Efforts on Environment Conservation & Sustainability

RNB Global University is located at village Khara, Bikaner district which is a part of Thar Desert, in western Rajasthan

The Major objectives of this practice are, to

  • Be an active partner in ensuring environment Conservation & sustainability at regional level by involving and sensitizing students, faculty, staff & community.
  • Maximize green practices, optimial use of fossil fuel based energy & to reduce carbon footprints.
  • Harvest rain water & to tap solar energy.
  • Reduce waste & ensure proper waste management.
  • Maintain a pollution free, healthy and eco friendly green campus.
  • Encourage plantation by motivating all stakeholders.

As mentioned in our constitution, it shall be the duty of every citizen to protect and improve the natural environment”.

University since its inception has kept environment conservation & sustainability a focus area in its functioning and believes that this can only be achieved if all stakeholders work in this direction.

Khara area observes the extreme variations in temperature. Ground water is below 450 feet and that too is hard in nature, Annual rainfall is around 220 mm, which is very low. Sand storms are common in the summer season. The flora of this area consists majorly of xerophytes.

But this area has abundant sunlight which can be tapped. Rain water, whatever received, if can be harvested & conserved can supplement the water needed.

For encouraging a positive mindset for adapting green practices among all stakeholders, an example was to be presented. University by all its efforts tried to set an example.

The concern towards environment conservations has been since the laying of foundation stone for building of this University.

The layout of roads and buildings has been kept in such a way that no existing trees were harmed.

The building of university has been constructed with bricks made up of Fly Ash. This shows the commitment of university from the very 1st day .

Use of Drip & Sprinkler irrigation & extensive plantation done at the time of construction of campus reflects the current green ecosystem , where rich variety of birds can be spotted which are not common to Thar dessert.

Community outreach- University has adopted three nearby villages(Khara, Dandusar, & Husansar) and students regularly conducts activities which educate and motivates the residents to preserve the environment in form of Nukkad Natak, & rallies for environment conservation, educate farmers on use of modern agriculture practices ,etc.

Under “You Plant We Grow” campaign, university invites school students from near by areas, to visit its campus and plant trees, so as to develop & inculcate a habit & sensitize them towards environment.

Environment related commemorative days such as Water Day, World Environment ,etc day are celebrated at the university.

Since its inception University has been both encouraging & participating with the community for plantation drives every year.

Under the campaign “Plant a Tree & Dedicate to Someone You Love” a toll free number has been provided by the university.

In the year 2019, 5000 saplings were sponsored by university to Rotary club for plantation. 2000 plants were given to Khara Gram Panchyat for the same & planted with the efforts of students.

Flora & Fauna- University conducts plantation drives every year. The barren land of university is today lush green with a wide variety of trees & plants. University has established Neem Farm, Date Palm Farm, Crop cafeteria & Herbal garden in the campus.

Energy- LED lights, Motion sensors & timer based devices for energy conservation are installed. Air conditioners are centrally monitored. A solar power plant of 50 KW capacity has been installed and wheeled to grid.

Water– efficient use of water & sensitization of all members for using water in a responsible way is ensured. Sensor based urinals & pressmatic taps has been installed. Rain water recharge & harvesting system is constructed in the campus. The rain water from roof is collected in a tank which is of 5 lakh litre capacity. Open well collects flowing water at the time of rains. For irrigation, drip & sprinkler system is installed.

Waste Management- University has a STP for treating the sewerage. The waste water from RO plant is collected and used for floor cleaning. The organic waste is converted into compost manure. The university has an MOU for e-waste management.

Controlling Pollution- Ban on use of plastic & restricted entry of automobiles. E-cart & bicycles are used for movement within campus. Staff is encouraged to pool their vehicles for saving fuel. The bio medical waste is destroyed in the incinerator. There is zero tolerance for tobacco.

University has received following awards for this practice-

1.Award from Forest Department- Bikaner( Raj) for its significant contribution in planting trees on 04.2018

2.Award from Rotary Club Bikaner for Plantation activities & for participation in “Green & Clean Bikaner” followed by students participation in Walkathon on 28-09-2019.

3.Award from Rotary Club for participation in “Green Bikano” dated 04-08-2021.

4.Appreciation certificate from Bikaner District Agarwal Association ( Youth) dated 07-04-2021

5.Rotary Club Bikaner award for Environment Efforts in year 2019-20

University has following certifications-

1.ISO 50001:2011 Energy Management System dated 16-02-2021

2.ISO 14001:2015 Environmental Management System dated 16-02-2021

More than 30 schools have been involved in the You Plant We Grow”  campaign so far.

The green cover at university has improved the quality of air.

As the result of rain water recharge system, the TDS of underground water in this area, which was earlier 9730 has significantly reduced to approx 3250 .

The power generated from the solar plant is wheeled to the grid.

Reduction in carbon footprints because of the above mentioned practices.

The students and other staff members have been sensitized towards the noble cause of environment conservation & voluntarily participate in plantation drives.

The adopted villages has been sensitized on environment conservation.

Being in desert area, university is facing the problem of fresh water for its requirements. The only source of fresh water in this area is Indira Gandhi canal, which is 8-10 KM away.

The University purchases water from the suppliers for its requirement. The management and finance department provided necessary support.

Greater initial cost and investment in shifting to renewable sources of energy, but university, keeping the long term approach decided to invest the funds required. 

The Community participation was an area where university faced some hurdles in the early period, University approached the Village Panchyats and took them in confidence and in due course of time the people of those villages were also involved.

For outreach activities, university collaborated with “Rotary Clubs” at Bikaner and “Bikaner Theatre Festival” organizing committee for addressing community.

Because of high temperature, wilting of plants takes place. University has installed protective cover over the young plants and ensured proper irrigation.

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