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Admission Open 2022

Admission Open 2022


The Knowledge Corridor

Delve into the encyclopedia and traverse the globe without clicking your heels.

We are aware that precious and copious knowledge can be gathered from opuscule sources that otherwise remain forlorn and abandoned in the growing maze of technology. We have therefore endeavoured to establish the University library in a forum that is aesthetic, traditional and conventional.


This edifice has been set up as a separate block and is appropriately spaced to house all the books, journals, manuals and handbooks for the technical space, the business sphere and the general subjects. We have paid special attention to provide the immaculate arrangement of natural light into the vast sprawls in the interiors of the library. It is our belief that a generous supply of natural light works to awaken the mind of the students who are forever thirsting for more knowledge.


A Separate Indexed Stacking Area

Apart from the dual categories of seating, the library has a vivid collection of books, journals, periodicals and many other academic and non-academic reading materials.

We have allocated a separate well indexed stacking area for all the books to ensure easy identification of every piece of literature. The books in the stacking area are subject categorized and placed in superior quality wooden racks. The indexed stacking allows easy identification of any desired book.


The Seating

The University has devoted valuable time in the outlay of the seating within the library. The style of seating has therefore categorized into two separate categories

  • Comfort Sitting
  • Regular Sitting

Comfort Sitting

These are cushioned seats designed to provide solace to those aching legs and tired minds. These can also be used as sitting spaces for light reading such as a newspaper or a novel. These seats can also accommodate students who wish to use the available space in the library for gathering notes and studying.


Regular Sitting

These are seats that are offered in any conventional library except that due attention has been given to the seating arrangements to avoid overcrowding. It is our profound belief that cramped spaces give way to defunct thoughts and distorted ideas. The sitting arrangement has been provided in a homologous and uniform manner to provide equilibrium to the precinct space of the library.


Library Management System

We endorse the liberal usage of Information Technology and have therefore extended the usage to the library. We have rendered the library IT Enabled and a fool proof Library Management System Software has been used to itemize and manage the functioning of the library.


The University also houses an E-library or a digital library to enable the students to source information from the internet or the University intranet. The internet is evidently the richest source of worldwide information and an unlimited access to this source will prove to be highly beneficial for the students.

Video Library

Video learning is a teaching technique that is in vogue in some of the leading Universities of the world. We have therefore brought forth this concept of learning as an advanced teaching tool. We have incorporated a separate area for the students where they can select and view videos on workstations to explore the otherwise occult areas of academics.



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