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Admission Open 2022

Admission Open 2022

Security and Transport

Safety Begins At Home

A Reassured Mind Pours Forth Better And Vivid Ideas

Security and transport are two vestigial components that have been accorded the highest priority at the University.


As a University with a difference, instead of imposing restrictions on the accessibility and freedom of the students, we have devised a system wherein the entry of visitors, casual and contract workers and other housekeeping staff into the campus have been limited.


A Secure Campus For Girls

We believe in leading by example in terms of providing a secure campus for all the students in general and the girl students in particular. We have ensured that a round the clock human as well as technical surveillance is ever prevalent in the campus. The Human Security has been handed over to a leading and a reputed Security agency that engages professional security guards. Further, all the guards are equipped with walkie-talkies for communication.

The agency shall operate round the clocks by enforcing cyclic shift changes among the guards. Further, the University endorses zero tolerance towards ragging. The University has further imposed a complete and a unilateral ban on smoking, consumption of alcohol and drugs in the entire premises.


Security System Designed by HP & CP Plus

The entire technical surveillance system in the University Campus has been conceptualized and custom designed by HP. The surveillance therefore includes state of the art CP Plus CCTV Cameras and the futuristic Point Tilt Zoom (PTZ) cameras so that the entire campus is under constant surveillance at all times. Further, the high resolution footage from all the cameras are monitored through the high ended Video Management System (VMS).


Restricted Entry

Further, students are provided with the latest magnetic access cards that are tamper proof and difficult to replicate. We have ensured that there is restricted entry and exit of visitors and access to all the entry points is through bio-metric access panels.

In addition, the University has ensured that all the entry and exit points are manned by a professional security team that operates round the clock with changing shifts.


Parking Area Surveillance

Further, we have developed a large parking area that is under constant human and smart camera surveillance. The vehicles belonging to the faculty, students and the visitors will be issued parking tags for easy identification.



The University has acquired a fleet of acquired buses and also hired the services of a transport agency to ferry students from different parts of Bikaner. The buses are for the comfortable travel of the students. All the buses will be GPS enabled to ensure utmost safety of the students during their travel.



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