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Admission Open 2022

Admission Open 2022


Cradles of Innovation

A Progressive Laboratory Is An Incubator For The Evolving Mind.


Laboratories with a Difference

We wish to establish a campus that stands as a faculty for innovative ideas. It is with this mindset that we have developed the curriculum and the other aspects pertaining to the University.

We inherit the strong and staunch belief that the implementation of pragmatic thoughts can move mountains. The University has therefore levied a lot of passion and sentiment into the design and development of the laboratories.

The laboratories have been brought into the fore with a very modern perspective. Thus, all the various facilities pertaining to them have been formulated and designed with highly practical outlook. The furnishings and the teaching resources utilized in the labs are therefore ultramodern and contemporary.

We have also sought pertinent inputs from some of the best minds in the Indian academic scenario and have worked solutions in all the parameters of our laboratories as per their mandate.

The laboratories are therefore a result of integrated research and the benign insight of the University to cater to meet the demands of the modern era.


Innately Course Oriented

The University has come forth as a unique and course oriented University that will be the very breeding grounds for the talented youth of the country. We are positive that our laboratories will generate the greatest thoughts. The practical approach and implements made use of in the University shall augur a regenerative mind growth amongst the budding students.


Light, Space And Air

We have taken due diligence to house the laboratories in large rooms where there is an abundance of natural light and fresh air. We have also paid sufficient attention to the precautions to be taken in the design of the labs.

There are sufficient exit accesses from all the labs and we have deployed the usage of Firefighting Kit by Ceasefire. All the laboratories have also been equipped with a sufficient supply of first aid and medicine kits.


Different Labs

The different types of laboratories that are developed at the University are as below

  • Behavioral Labs
  • Language Labs
  • Science Labs
  • Management Labs
  • Computing Centers

Behavioural Labs

These are labs where students are made to learn the practical implications of the studies of human psychology. These labs have been so designed primarily for the students of Business Studies and other such courses which demand the study of human behaviour. These labs are also equipped to carry out personality development and improve the presentation skills of the students.


Language Labs

The University is abreast with the fact that communication skills are highly essential for success in professional life. We have therefore developed language labs to incorporate language training and development of communication skills amongst the students. These labs are equipped with high ended software and hardware and shall be managed by language experts.

Management Labs

The University has come forth with the one of its kind laboratories for students of Management. It is our belief that the study of management and the skills associated with the corporate and the business arena must have a practical orbit


Science Labs

The very core of basic and life sciences, these laboratories are furnished with the very finest of equipment and are managed by experienced lab personnel. These labs form rich fodder for the active minds of the students and the very arenas where the words they perceived in the theory sessions get converted into practical experiences.

Computing Centers

It is evidently the computer centers that form the core of any University. We have therefore spared no expense in the development of a fully functional computing center that has been configured and manned by the Global Pioneers of the Computer Industry. These are state of the art rooms equipped with computer systems and hardware of the latest configuration.

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