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Admission Open 2022

Admission Open 2022


A Positive Learning Experience

A Classroom Is Not A Mere Reflection Of The University, But Is A Student Lexicon.


With the above thought in mind, utmost emphasis has been given to the implementation of perfect design parameters of the modern day classrooms. The entire campus including the classrooms is therefore centrally air-conditioned to provide a reassuring and sedate atmosphere to the students.

The various classrooms, the lecture halls have been bestowed a modernistic look while maintaining their aesthetic approach. We have made generous use of technology where warranted so as to keep up with the changing times.

All the rooms ensure the constant availability of natural light and are filled with an air of freshness. The rooms are large and spacious making way for an amiable atmosphere all through out the year. These modernistic teaching spaces will come a long way forward to give birth to a homogeneous relationship between the students and the teachers.


A Modern Outlook

The classrooms, the lecture halls and even the tutorials are all therefore equipped with state of the art projectors, ivory white projector screens, pointers and equipped with the relevant multimedia kits.

The entire University campus has been equipped with a state of the art broadband optic fiber network thus augmenting all the classrooms with high speed Wi-Fi internet connectivity. We have spared no expense in furnishing and creating infrastructure to these priceless confinements that shall witness the birth of precious stars of the country. They have therefore been harnessed with

Wipro Furnishings. They have also been made technically robust with HP Networking Solutions.

Classroom Layout

We carried out an adept research and also took analogies from leading Universities in the world before laying the design of the classrooms. Our studies and the findings suggest that apart from adapting changes in the methods of teaching of different subjects, the design of the classrooms must be different as well.

The University therefore houses different types of rooms to address specific needs of the student and also the course.

  • Contemporary Classrooms
  • Lecture Theatres
  • Stepped Amphitheatre Style Classrooms
  • Activity Classrooms

Contemporary Classrooms

These rooms have been designed in the traditional classroom format but are provided with a technological edge. These are rooms of learning where the blackboard and the chalks stand replaced by technological tools to incorporate text, speech, image and video onto a single screen to enable faster comprehension by the students.

Lecture Theatres

Lecture theatres are large halls with tiered seating to ensure that the lecturer or the screen is visible to the entire classroom. These halls have been so designed to cater to the innate academic requirements of the students.

Academics apart, they have also been rendered the look of a corporate boardroom to acclimatize the students to such an environment. They have also been designed with the best possible acoustics so that sound travels to the farthest corners with absolute clarity.


Stepped Amphitheatre Style Classrooms

Amphitheaters are quintessentially defined as the very places for light hearted conversations. We therefore have designed these classrooms in such a style to ensure that students can interact amongst themselves and the teachers on light hearted topics.

These rooms have been so designed to aid the students take active part in discussions and thereby accentuate their self-esteem and grow in confidence.

Activity Classrooms

There are many courses that cannot be fulfilled with passive or single dimensional learning. These courses stipulate that there should be equal and vocal participation from the student side too.

We have therefore earmarked activity classrooms for such courses. These classrooms are best suited for group discussions, writing practices and similar such activities to be carried out by the students.



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