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Admission Open 2022

Admission Open 2022

Academic and Industrial memberships

The RNB Global University feels grateful towards its foundation and our Founder Dr. Ram Bajaj, who has inspired the University in immense ways. The hard work and dedication of our management committee will be evident through the superior education system and selection of faculty.


As an initiative of Ram Bajaj Foundation, we shall forge successful allies and relationships with industry groups and organizations to aid the students in the professional realm. We shall also form alliances with national as well as International academic Institutes so that our students are exposed to the international standards of education.


The University will also enroll with renowned academic institutions and Industries such as the Central Library, CII, FICCI, ICC for the academic as well as overall mentoring of our students. The students need to understand the practical implications and actual use of academics. These memberships will play a vital role in enhancing their practical knowledge.

Following are some of the points that indicate the benefit and exposure of students
  • Students will gain an exposure by attending the special lectures of eminent Guests from these academic institutes or renowned companies.
  • Students will get an opportunity to visit the member industries in order to gain practical knowledge on their related subjects.
  • Students will become the part of faculty-student exchange programs or student exchange programs with the help of alliances and industrial memberships.


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