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Sports and Fitness

The Hallmark of Team Spirit

“Only he who can see the invisible can do the impossible.”– Frank L. Gaines

RNB Global University
The University has created an atmosphere that caters to instill students to pursue their cherished dreams in academics and sports. This is owing to our understanding that sports and fitness are equally important in every walk of life. However, an active sports life does not imply the healthy well being of the person.

We have therefore developed the sports activities in such a manner that the focus is persistent on the fitness of the students.

Sports Club

The University harnesses plans of developing a Sports Club for various sports that shall be managed by students and will operate with near autonomy. The various sports clubs will be tasked with the job of building teams in various sporting disciplines such as cricket, hockey, football, volleyball, basketball and indoor games such as badminton, table tennis and the others.

The club will spot and nurture talented students in respective sporting events and make them participate in sports events at different levels. It will also play a responsible role in conducting University level tournaments in our very arena of our University. Through the sports club, therefore it makes possible for the University to find an excuse to establish better camaraderie between Universities.

The University stands committed to the setting up of a special podium for active sportsmen and will play an active role in endorsing teams in various disciplines. The University shall also provide sufficient impetus for the upkeep of various outdoor sporting activities. We also have grand plans to host sporting events for all the students at least once a year in indoor as well as outdoor sporting disciplines. We staunchly believe that participation in the highest of sporting level augurs to inculcate a deep sense of chivalry in the students’ minds.

We also adhere to the fact Indoor sporting activities act as vital tools of personality development and skill infusion. Thus, we have ensured that space is never the constraint to make room for various indoor game courts, boards and rooms.

Fitness Club

The Fitness Club will be formed to focus on enhancing the physical fitness and the mental stability of the students. The Club will comprise of student members who either have achieved a degree of distinction in various fitness regimes such as yoga or medication. The club will be mentored on a periodic basis by an expert appointed by the University.

Under the aegis of the fitness club, the University will be conducting fitness drives such as yoga camps, meditation drills etc. The clubs shall play a responsible role in involving students on a larger scale and will drive towards increased fitness of the students.


The University will stand committed to assist the students develop their sporting skills. The University will therefore focus on the active participation of willing students in various sporting activities at the intra and the inter University levels. We are positive that with each passing year, we shall stand witness to a new sporting talent in our midst and who shall pass out of the University into the legion of achievers.


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