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RNB Global University Privacy Statement

RNB Global University warmly greets you for sparing your precious time for visiting our website. We truly understand the value and essence of your privacy. We acknowledge every requisite needed in safeguarding and ensuring security of the information collected on our website. Hence, we have implemented the below stated privacy policy which promises to protect your personal information right from the collection, usage and dissemination collected by the website. Please take a note of the fact that the privacy policy is applicable only within RGU domain and is not effective on those websites that can be accessed via external links stated in several other pages of our website. Acknowledging the growing threats of internet technology, we believe in updating our privacy policy on regular basis. The updates can be easily seen on privacy policy webpage only. While you continue browsing our website, we presume that you accept all the terms of policies provided here.

General Statement

We allow our visitors in accessing every minute information, image, text or video present on our website without providing or furnishing your personal data or information. But, in certain cases wherein you tend to undertake specific transactions on this site, you will be asked to provide your personal information, application status, profile upgradations, etc. Abiding our duties towards the sensitivity of your personal information, we at RNB Global University are not engaged in any activity which requires renting, swapping, selling or furnishing of your identity to third party agents, direct marketing companies, etc. in lieu of commercial motives. We only utilize your information for stated purpose only. Hence, in order to accomplish the purpose for which the information has been provided, RNB Global University will only share your information to relevant people like employees, agents or consultants who hold the right to know about you. However, RNB Global University holds the right to furnish your information under special cases, situations, etc. inclusive of disclosures that are mandatorily needed by court order, law or under circumstances that require disclosure to safeguard legal rights of RNB Global University such as intellectual property rights.

IP Address and System Information

While you visit our website, our system or server reserves the right to store the Internet Protocol (IP) address of your computer on which you have accessed the site. Along with this, several other essential details such as your browser details, Operating System, Time and date of accessing and relevant webpage that directed you to our website will also be stored at the same time. Our people at RNB Global University, use such data for identifying problems, administer it and later improvise the performance of our websites. Additionally, this aids us in developing statistical reports for tracking demographics and users information. We extrapolate and utilize this information only to understand the user’s behavior and pattern. Moreover, by ensuring legal processes and our limitations at the same time, your IP address is never linked to sites or interfaces that can extract your personal information. Ultimately, the user’s identity is protected and unknown. On a general note, we do not handover your details to third party agents but in special circumstances like improving our site, fixing problems, network security, etc we might need to disclose your website usage to them; complying with law, rules, regulations and legal mandates or orders.


Cookies refer to small bits or data text files that tend to get transferred or stored in the hard drive of your system after visiting certain websites for the very first time. These cookies, once getting stored in the hard drive of your system can be checked from history of your previous web page visits or usage. Cookies are utilized and implemented with an objective to fulfill and meet several requirements and purposes. Hence, RNB Global University might utilize the pixels, GIF files or cookies stored in your system. The information collected via cookies is kept confidential and is not shared with any irrelevant source apart from any law or legal circumstances. Thus, to check your usage pattern, we might transfer the cookie in your system and provide customized services from our end. With the help of cookies, you can easily check and know information with respect to your session, pages browsed, time and date of page visits, etc. This will enable us to provide you with premium service and quality delivery for content improvisation. We also provide the option to you for making a setting for refusing cookie alerts or in circumstances when some other party is sharing cookie with you. Hence, in such a case you might not be able to browse certain areas or sections of our website.

Collection of Information and Usage

RNB Global University along with the basic and personal information of its visitors can collect other information too which is not relevant to personal identity, use and service quality. Learn about different types of information that can be collected by us under the following three categories.

  • Contacting us via Email: While you are planning to connect with us via e-mail, the message will definitely comprise of your email address. The message sent from your end might furnish some of your personal identification details for solving your queries and issues. Hence, in such a case we might utilize that information for addressing your requests/queries. Considering the nature of Internet Technology, e-mail might not be a secured mode. Thus, it is advisable to share only relevant information that will help us in processing your queries at the earliest.
  • Contacting us via Interactive Forms: While browsing or visiting our website, you might come across some pages that provide interactive forms. These interactive forms will request your personal information such as name, school, college, qualification, address, email id, contact number etc. on voluntary grounds. This information will be required while you are enrolling for tests, counselling sessions, workshops, quiz, fests, training sessions, admission forms, etc. provided by RNB Global University. In such cases, we will utilize your personal information only for the purpose for which it is requested and not for any commercial purposes or third party selling.


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