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Terms & Conditions

RNB Global University allows its visitors or users to access its university website along with the content provided under every section in different web pages. By abiding to the terms and conditions mentioned below, we give you the right to proceed further in going through our website. By browsing any section or page of our website, you are complying with all the terms and conditions provided in different heads below. The terms and conditions provided will be updated on regular basis; considering any change in laws or legal procedures. The information provided in website in the form of content can be used as a general communication. We are not liable to give a prior notice for making changes, edits or modifications. We at RNB Global University reserve all the rights to edit, rectify, change or modify these terms and conditions at our will with or without acknowledging our present users and subscribers. In case you do not find yourself convinced with any terms and conditions then you should not access our website and other links mentioned.

There are certain reference terms such as “we”, “us”, “our” that totally refers to our university ‘RNB Global University’ or any other subsidiary, group or associate partner that might be operating our website along with other related websites.

Scope of Terms and Conditions

With respect to authenticity and accuracy, RNB Global University does not guarantee or make claims for the content provided on its website. The visitors or users accessing the website are responsible for their actions practiced during usage of the information provided in different sections. RNB Global University does not take the liability or claim for any indirect, direct, incidental, punitive, consequential or exemplary loss or damage either in an action under negligence, contract, agreement or any other case emerging out of or in connect with the usage, inability to use or performance of the services, products, materials or content present on our website. All the people working at RNB Global University or on our website are not responsible for any loss or damage arising due to the usage of the content provided in our site.

Intellectual Property Rights

RNB Global University reserves the rights and ownership of all its brands, logos, marks headings, signatures, names, etc. that are clearly visible and appearing on our website except the ones provided by external or third party associates. Hence, the use of these properties alongwith the content is strictly prohibited as mentioned in these terms and conditions. The users are not permitted to sell, trade or modify any content or intellectual properties on this site or either engage in displaying, reproducing, distributing or publicly performing the usage of these materials for any commercial or public motives without taking any written permission from University.


The images, design, interface, graphics, text as well as the content provided on our website are subject to copyright protection under the consent of RNB Global University. All content such as graphics, text, website design, photographs, interface, videos, unless other specified are the copyright properties of RNB Global University ensuring reservation of all the rights. Reproducing any content, image, etc. published on this website, distribution, modification or republication or usage of these elements for commercial or public concerns is strictly prohibited.


Trademarks, trade names or service marks are solely related to RNB Global University and are the properties of university only.

Link to External Websites or Third Party Sites

The Website of RNB Global University may or may not contain website links of third party websites that do not come under the ownership or control of the university. RNB Global University does not have any control or responsibility or liability for the intellectual property, content, images, videos, privacy policies, terms of use or activities of any third party website. Moreover, we will not edit or censor any content of third party websites also. By doing so, you are solely responsible or liable for any issue that might arise on using any third part website. RNB Global University does not take any responsibility for any misuse, loss or damage made by the users of third party websites. However, there might be an inclusion of some external links in order to provide more information to you. Visitors coming across such links should not imply it as a promotional initiative from our end. We do not take any responsibility for the content provide on third party websites or links.

RNB Global University educates and advises its users to read all the terms and conditions, privacy policies and disclaimers provided on our website in order to prevent oneself from any issues. Third Party website owners must ensure to take prior permission from RNB Global University before stating or providing hyperlinks from any website to our university website. A written permission stating the nature of business, content, images, website source link to hyperlink needs to be provided in the letter for seeking consent from RNB Global University.

Third party websites are responsible and liable for the content and details provided on their websites. RNB Global University does not have any control or ownership on the content, images, text, etc. provided on such sites.

Terms of Use:

  • While browsing our website, our visitors need to acknowledge cookies. On abiding to cookies preference, your personal information might get stored at our end. Hence, we request you to only provide relevant information.
  • The information provided on our website with respect to content, images, videos, etc. is not liable for any guarantee or warranty from us or any third party agents in consideration to performance, accuracy, timeliness, suitability and completeness.
  • We are not responsible for your usage patterns with respect to any of your activities such as content usage, material usage etc. from our website. Any activity undertook with an offensive mindset will be considered as a criminal offence. Hence, we may take legal action for the same.
  • The materials provided on our website are solely the properties of RNB Global University. We reserve the intellectual property rights, copyright and trademark for every material provided from our end on our website.
  • Your login details and password required at any point of time during website browsing, document screening, etc. cannot be transferred to other user id.
  • The RNB Global University website might comprise of information pertaining to us as well as press releases. Though we ensure to provide accurate and authentic details, at the same time we do not take any claim towards updating the information for press releases as well as for us. Information pertaining to other companies in press releases or in any other document should not be depended upon.

Contact Us:

All the requests with respect to permission, approvals, etc. must be mailed at info@rnbglobal.edu.in

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