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Admission Open 2022

Admission Open 2022

Arts and Culture

The Soul Catchers
Happiness Moves in The Direction of Song, Dance and Theatre

It is our profound belief that the mere pursuit of academics is not sufficient for the holistic growth of the students. The University therefore has adopted measures to ensure that students incorporate art in their academic profile and pursure an avenue of intellectual growth.

We have instituted the creation of Theatre, Music and Dance Clubs in the University precincts to enable students to get involved in their vocational interests. These shall primarily function as Student Governed bodies and mentored by those members of the University faculty who possess an inbred interest in these domains.

The University has come forth with its best foot forward in the setting up of these clubs of art forms as an ode to the country’s rich treasures of culture and heritage inherited from the succinct heartlands from time immemorial.

Student Clubs

The University strongly believes that the special talent within the student can be nurtured by him or her alone. We have therefore given the students the leverage to create clubs so that students with like minded interests can join hands and work towards the creation of a team.

These clubs shall also act as the perfect launching pad for the budding talents among the students. Further, the clubs shall play a guiding role in developing the talent among the students. This will be achieved by the clubs by way of inviting established stars in a particular main, such as theatre to advise the students and encourage them.

The prominent student clubs that shall be in vogue soon after the commencement of the first academic session are-

  • Theatre
  • Club Music
  • Club Dance Club
Theatre Club

Our innate interest in plays and dramatics has led to the establishment of the Theatre Club. Though these clubs are primarily managed by the students, the University shall maintain an overbearing presence in their routine functioning.

We shall lead from the front in the management of these clubs that will churn out plays in various spheres from contemporary dramas to the staging of various tales of folk. The University shall also be progressively involved in the development of theatre clubs from various regions and languages.

Music Club

The essence of music is all pervasive and is traditionally believed to wield the power to transcend into the very innards of the nether world. With a consummate and profound belief that the aura of music pervades, the University has come forth with the establishment of the Music club.

The club shall focus on extracting and showcasing the latent talent amidst the students and provide them with both an opportunity to present their talent in the right realm. The club shall also act as a plank for the otherwise burdened students to listen to the tunes of melody and unravel the power of music.

Dance Club

We are an institute that reflects a progressive thought process. We have thus come forward with the creation of the Dance Club to make room as a channel of promulgation for the budding dancers in our realm. We cherish the belief that the rendition of the various forms of dance will provide a harmonious setting to propel a sense of unity and cordiality among students belonging to various Diaspora of the society.

Open Air Theatre

It is our very manifest that the students get involved in procreative activities that serve as pleasant distractions from their academic routine. The Open Air Theatre with its vast space and casual seating arrangements provides the students an excellent window to showcase and sharpen their acting, singing or dance skills.


An event in any particular arena. We shall therefore strive to give the right support to the students to ensure that they render an enhanced performance and win accolades for themselves and also the University.

The University carries the noble intention of creating a star of every student who take part in an event in any particular arena. We shall therefore be involved in conducting various intra University events on a periodic basis and reward the best performers suitably. These students shall then be launched on the national stage on Inter University competitions held at the University on an annual or biannual basis so that they can compete with students from other universities.

This test of caliber will help the students to sharpen their craft and deliver superlative performances each time they ascend to the podium. The University shall nurture students with extra ordinary talent in the arena of song, dance or theatre. We shall provide them with all the assistance to perform at various national level competitions and help them bolster their careers to the highest pinnacle.


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