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Admission Open 2022

Admission Open 2022

Experiential Learning

Experiential learning techniques will help the faculty as well as the students in acquiring education through interactive teaching methods. This is a platform where both the educator and the learner participate in deriving a fruitful yet learned conclusion.


Moreover, it will encourage the students to gain practical experience beyond the realm of the classrooms. These are some of the techniques that will be implemented by the RNB Global University under experiential learning techniques and methodologies.


With experiential learning, the University will encourage practical learning sessions wherein the students will be directly involved in conducting live experiments, case studies, forums etc. The Classroom lectures will allow the students to be involved in the classrooms actively as well as passively. The Tutorial sessions will influence students in gaining subjective information from specifically defined sources.

Understanding the need to give a practical exposure to a corporate arena, the RNB Global University will conduct internship sessions to help the students gain hands-on-experience or acquiring time-bound industrial and corporate training in the areas related to the students’ academic curriculum.


Under Project Based learning, the students will undertake research projects and learn detailed information/knowledge about the related topic/subject. These kinds of studies are done either at the group or at the individual level. Here, the students will be armed with a chance to perform real experiments in a team and improve their team-working, analytical and research orientation skills.

The students at the RNB Global University will interact with experts, professionals or specialists of the domain of their choice to acquire relevant information pertaining to either the subject of their research or any other topic. The students can share this information among their classmates and benefit from the acquired knowledge.


The University will include Literature based learning wherein the students will be involved in an indepth study of topics and preparea thesis or essays on them. It will encourage the students in undertaking research based academics on a given subject that shall invigorate a learning initiative.

Board Activities are developing to be an interesting and are gaining popularity as a part of the curriculum. The University will therefore include Board Activities wherein the students will be involved in pasting their creative work or informative clippings on the University’s bulletin boards. Later, the students will have to briefly speak about their work or clipped information and answer queries over their presentation.


The University will organize field or industrial trips on a regular basis to make the students draw an effective conclusion about the practical implications of the various postulates that they learnt in theory.

Moreover, the RNB Global University will also include collaborative learning. Collaborative Learning is a group learning activity in which every member of a team carry out individual research on a single theme and come forward with his own interpretation. The team shall then assemble and carve out an effective analysis by collaborating all the individual interpretations.



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