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Admission Open 2022

Admission Open 2022


School of Arts and Social Sciences


The School of Arts and Social Sciences nurtures excellence in arts and social sciences. The aim of the school is to provide foundation for intellectual and creative experiences for youth. Social Sciences are that field of academics that explores various aspects of human society.


It is commonly used as an umbrella term to refer to a dynamic field outside of the natural sciences. The aim of the School to offer the arts and social sciences courses is to provide a unique blend for students to understand society holistically and prepare them to become better individuals and professionals in due course.


At School of Arts and Social Sciences emphasis is laid not only on nurturing upcoming professionals but also on moulding them into world class citizens who are capable of making judicious decisions when put to responsible positions. Students from all walks of life and hailing from different parts of the world get a chance to interact among themselves and work together thus making them sensitive to each other’s ethos and cultural value systems. This will be made possible by rigorous classroom teaching and practical training/activities, like Field visits, Rural camps, Program media sessions, Art & craft competitions and Expert talks. Students will be taught both the abstractions necessary for scientific enquiry and the skills needed to solve immediate and local problems. The students will, therefore, be adept at whatever career they choose, be it in business, government, or research. The School of Arts and Social Sciences helps the students to enrich their lives, solve their problems, extend opportunity and create a better world. The School applies innovative teaching methods to understand societal needs.



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The School of Arts and Social Sciences currently offer courses Bachelors of Arts (B.A.).

These subjects vary in their curriculum and the methodology which is required to teach these subjects to the students. The teaching aids and activities which are to be followed are different. Still the School decided to house all these under one roof. The School decided to adopt flexible credit system for the assessment purpose. The School allows the students to select which subjects they would like to study. The students will be given the choice to even select subjects from different discipline.

The course material has been prepared with an innovative approach enabling students to enjoy freedom to choose from various options available and explore their talent so as to apply it in achieving the set targets. The School will be organising regular seminars, workshops, field projects, internships and educational visits for the benefit of the students. Another important area where the students will be trained is on inculcating research orientation among them. The real learning could be done by developing the habit of research. The School will be using research-led education system to teach the students.

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