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Admission Open 2022

Admission Open 2022

Campus Safety

Safety within the University Campus has been accorded the highest priority at the University. It is therefore that the entire security apparatus in the University premieses has been designed to be completely foolproof.

Women's Safety

Further, we have ensured that women's safety is given the highest importance and therefore made use of the best security and governing system that ensures complete safety of the girl students and the residents of the girls’ hostel.

The University will enact a strong anti-ragging policy and strict rules that ban smoking, and consumption of alcohol that will ensure a sedate and peaceful atmosphere is ever prevalent in the campus. The campus will also have a designated cell to address the security concerns of the girls. This cell will also act as a deterrent to incidents of eve-teasing and ragging against these students.

Zero Tolerance Towards Ragging

It is our opinion that ragging is a social menace that has resulted unwarranted deaths and suicides of several bright students across the country. The University administration has therefore adapted a strong anti-ragging policy and therefore the students who are involved in ragging will be subjected to harsh punishment that includes debarment. The University will be making use of the security setup to bring unscrupulous students to book.

Restricted Access

We have therefore ensured that there is restricted access to the visitors into the campus effectively filtering the possible hazards to the campus safety. Further, the students shall be provided with magnetic access cards to add impetus to the prevailing security setup.

Complete Ban On Alcohol Consumption

We also understand the effects of smoking, usage of drugs and alcohol stand to negatively impact the physical and mental well being of the students. The entire University campus including the hostels has therefore been mandatorily declared as a smoke free zone with strong strictures against those who defy the anti-smoking policy of the University.


In addition, the University also believes that the usage of narcotic substances is impairment to the physical well being of the students. We also endorse the fact that these drugs impede the mental growth of the students. We will therefore ensure that the students do not get involved in the usage of such substances that imperil their well being.

The University understands that consumption of alcohol across campuses in India and abroad is damaging some of the brightest careers. We have therefore planned to impose surprise checks in the campus and in particular the boys hostel to curb the students from consuming liquor.

The University is of the belief that the above measures are highly essential to ensure the safety of its students.

We have also ensured that the security detail deployed is highly elaborate and is ever present. The security personnel therefore operate round the clock with scheduled changes in shift.

In addition, we plan to educate the students on the safety measures required to be adapted by them. We will be holding mock tests and security drills to cultivate an awareness towards safety and security.


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