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Admission Open 2022

Admission Open 2022

Study and Learn

It begins here, this is where memories are made, be here now.

We therefore have adapted to novel teaching methods and practices to germinate a progressive thought process and create better awareness for a better understanding and thereby learn to adapt as per the dynamics of the ever evolving present day world.

Infrastructure For Learning

In order to focus on a better learning approach rather than merely fulfilling the academic requirements of the student, we have made modifications to our learning model.

We have designed differently styled classrooms to cater to the specific requirements of the course. The University Library has been modified suitably to function as a knowledge source and not merely as a curriculum source. In addition, there are different types of labs, including the language labs that shall offer the students a practical learning approach. The E-Learning Studio has been adapted as a futuristic learning tool that provides the students with superior learning tools and access to knowledge resources from across the globe.

The Learning Motivation

We stand firm to the fact that it is essential for a student to pursue knowledge rather than acquiring the academic curriculum.

We will therefore instrument several media to ensure that the students stay on course in their pursuit of knowledge. We will also involve them in various workshops and seminars that deviate from academics, but stay on course to develop the knowledge bank of the students.

Beyond Curriculum

The global corporate or business arena requires talent that cannot be merely acquired by the study of academics. The students must be empowered to tackle the fierce competition that they shall encounter during job interviews or in the line of duty.

We will consistently strive to create outgoing student batches who are well equipped with an arsenal of knowledge, possess the mental strength to survive the endless fatigue and stay composed in moments of crisis.

Overall Development

Acquisition of knowledge for the students is equivalent to the performance of a penance. It is therefore essential that he or she carry out prior preparation before venturing onto the quest.

We have therefore devised several fitness regimes like yoga and other sporting activities to ensure their physical well being. The yoga and the other fitness routines are also essential for enhanced concentration.

Preparing For The Real World

We intend to provide due exposure to students who are armed with special talent in these fields. The University is bound to provide them with the right exposure and make them participate in various University level competitions held in different parts of the country.

It is the intention of the University to create students who have the acumen and ability to tackle hurdles of every kind in the modern day scenario. We are positive in our vision that we shall bear a fruitful outcome in our endeavour.


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