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The changing landscape of India in engineering and technology needs more innovation, creativity and reform. School of Engineering and Technology, Best Engineering College in India,  has been established with a mission and objective to pursue high quality research and impart research-led education in emerging multi-disciplinary areas encompassing science, engineering and technology.
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The primary emphasis of RNB Global University is on innovation, flexibility, relevance, and cost effectiveness in all its programmes. Academic programs at RNB Global University are designed to enable growth and learning in a highly focused and application-based environment. This is achieved through a combination of formal lectures and hands-on experience in well equipped laboratories and through project activity, which will equip students to design and operate high-end computing systems.

The learning environment at the University nurtures the spirit of enquiry, creativity, problem solving, entrepreneurship and innovation, promote hands-on & cross-disciplinary learning, and inculcate an array of values, job & life skills. The University provides a perfect environment to pursue cutting-edge cross-disciplinary research in engineering sciences and technology by taking advantage of the facilities and expertise available with the well established schools of study at the University, particularly Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics & Computer/Information Sciences and Life Sciences. This ensures that students of School of Engineering and Technology at RNB Global University are transformed into well-rounded, industry-ready individuals who are equipped to take on leadership responsibilities from the day they graduate from the university.

At the RNBGU, we educate the engineers who will be facilitating the passage from design to product and from product to start- up to create a socially and environmentally sustainable ecosystem. One of the core strengths of School of Engineering and Technology is the world class infrastructure facilities established at the campus. All the laboratories and workshops are equipped with most modern equipments that are required by the students for pursuing their studies. Another core strength is its highly qualified, motivated and committed team of faculty, which is a fine blend of experience and dynamism of youth. The University concentrates on providing quality education in a highly disciplined environment and would like to position itself as a centre of excellence which offers courses in traditional engineering as well as technology-based disciplines. The program seeks to create exceptional leaders trained to operate in tomorrow’s complex technology-oriented business environment.


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The School of Engineering and Technology offer a variety of courses which vary from B. Tech. – Computer Science (CSE) to B. Tech. – Civil Engineering.

The streams vary in their curriculum and the methodology which is required to teach these subjects to the students. The teaching aids and activities which are to be followed are different. Yet we have decided to house all these under one roof. We have also adopted the choice based credit system for assessment purposes. The School allows the students to select subjects they would like to study apart from the core subjects, they can even select subjects from different disciplines.

Through innovation, creativity and reform we will strive to make this a Centre of Excellence. The School follows a well proven pedagogy of sharing knowledge with the young and vibrant minds of the Nation. It holds an edge over others by rapidly adopting itself to the changing needs of the industry and technical developments across the world. The School imparts world class training and research besides promoting active industry-institute collaboration by identifying areas of interest and taking part in sponsored research projects and consultancy services.

The curriculum connects different areas; integrates engineering, mathematics and science with arts, humanities and entrepreneurship; and focuses on building a range of life skills essential for a successful career. The course material has been prepared with an innovative approach enabling students to enjoy freedom to choose from various options available and explore their talent so as to apply it in achieving the set targets. The School will be organising regular interaction with the industry and provide specially designed courses, modules, workshops and organise seminars, field projects, internships and educational visits for the benefit of the students. The School will be using research driven education system to teach the students.

There are several career opportunities after B.Tech. Based on the specialization, one can find a number of job opportunities.

If the students is from IT background, then, IT & IT Enabled Services sector is a lucrative option if from Mechanical Engineering then they can opt for mechatronics and pure mechanical. The students from Electronics, electrical and communications engineering can opt for software, mobile applications, signalling and defence sectors. There are a lot of reputed companies such as TCS, Cognizant, Wipro, Infosys and Accenture where the students of B.Tech. could get assignments provided they demonstrate the right attitude. They can also choose their career in government sectors like remote sensing, irrigation, electricity etc. B. Tech. students are also eligible for UPSC and defence related jobs.

Some students also believe that a foundation course for pursuing higher education like M.Tech, M.B.A, M.C.A and other relevant courses in India or abroad. Above all, some courageous engineering students start their own business and step into entrepreneurial world after getting a good experience in reputed companies.

Today a B.Tech graduate also has a promising career in a relatively lesser known field “Intellectual Property Rights”, as the name suggests, these are rights related to the conception and conclusion or end-result of any thoughts of human mind and intelligence. In simple words, intellectual property rights are the mechanisms to grant exclusive right of certain creative ideas or business concepts to any individual or business entity.

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