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Admission Open 2022

Admission Open 2022

Anti-Ragging Drive

RNB Global University believes in developing and nurturing a healthy, peaceful and progressive atmosphere in its premises both on campus as well as in hostel.

Every person associated with RNB Global University finds the need of an academically sound, relaxed and conducive environment for pursuing one’s education in the most brilliant and exceptional way. Hence, in order to restrict and prevent the atmosphere of ragging from emerging up, RNB Global University has implied, established and framed strict adherence to Anti Ragging Policy.

With an anti-ragging policy, anti-ragging cell, anti-ragging committee and anti-ragging measures in place, not only students but also parents will gain an increased confidence in the University and be rest assured about the fact that the University discourages any kind of harassment towards the new entrants as well as senior students.


Anti - Ragging Policy

The act of ragging is strictly prohibited and restricted according to the UGC Regulations on Curbing the Menace of Ragging in Higher Educational Institutions, 2009. Ragging is strictly prohibited in RNB Global University Campus and also in the hostel premises. Any student who is found accused of indulging into ragging directly or indirectly or abetting the act of ragging passively or actively or be a contributor to the conspiracy for promoting ragging, is liable and responsible to be punished and penalized in accordance with UGC Regulations in order to stop the menace of ragging in higher educational institutions or universities as well as under the provisions of any penal law for the time being in force.


What is covered under Ragging?

The following are the key offences that are regarded as an act of ragging.

  • Indulging in rowdy or indiscipline activities by any student or students which causes or is likely to cause annoyance, hardship, physical or psychological harm or to raise fear or apprehension there of in any fresher or any other student.
  • Asking any student to do any act which such student will not in the ordinary course do and which has the effect of causing or generating a sense of shame, or torment or embarrassment so as to adversely affect the physique or psyche of such fresher or any other student.
  • Any act by senior student that prevents, disrupts or disturbs the regular academic activity of a fresher or any other student.
  • Exploiting the service of a fresher or any other student for completing the academic tasks assigned to an individual or a group of students;
  • Any act of financial extortion or forceful expenditure burden put on a fresher or any other student by students.
  • Any act of physical abuse including all variants of it: sexual abuse, homosexual assaults, stripping, forcing obscene and lewd acts, gestures, causing bodily harm or any other danger to health or person.
  • Any act or abuse by spoken words, email, post, public insults which would also include deriving perverted pleasure, vicarious or sadistic thrill from activity or passively participating in the discomfiture to fresher or any other student.
  • Any act that affects the mental health and self- confidence of a fresher or any other student.
  • Any act with or without an intent to derive a sadistic pleasure or showing off power, authority or superiority by a student over any fresher or any other student.

Essentials for Students

  • Fresher’s as well as other students should abstain from indulging in anything with or against their consent even if it is forced, ordered or pressurized by senior students.
  • Fresher’s as well as other students irrespective of being victims or witness to any incident(s) of ragging are recommended to simply and immediately report such unfortunate incident at our Anti Ragging Helpline numbers provided below. Apart from Helpline numbers, students can easily connect with Anti Ragging Committee officials or other University officials.
  • RNB Global University ensures, promises and assures that we will protect the identity of informants at our end and shall not subject to any adverse consequence only for the reason for having reported such incidents.

Prohibition of Ragging

  • Ragging within the University Campus including its Institutions / Departments and Hostels is strictly prohibited.
  • Ragging in any form is prohibited also in the private lodges/buildings where these University students are staying.
  • Ragging in any form is prohibited in Hostel, Mess, Canteen, Cafeteria & Transport (College & Private).
  • No person including students / staff / faculty shall participate or abet or propagate ragging in any form.

Punishment (s) and Penalty (ies) for Ragging

The accused found indulged in the event of ragging, being a criminal and serious offence, will not be spared at any cost. Hence, depending upon the nature and gravity of offence committed in ragging, the university will impose following punishment (s) or penalty (ies) accordingly.

  • The student (s) will be suspended from attending his or her class room or academic session.
  • The student (s) if being a scholarship/fellowship/with holding/withdrawing one will be deemed from these benefits.
  • Expelling or debarring from attending any test/entrance exam or examination or any other evaluation tests.
  • Not furnishing results.
  • Expelling or debarring the student from participating in any institution or university level competitions, events, tournaments, sport events, youth events etc at any regional, national or international level.
  • Suspension from hostel.
  • Cancellation of admission, suspension, rustication or expulsion from the University / Hostel.
  • Suspension from attending university or institution session throughout first to last semesters.
  • Suspension or expelling from institution or university and accordingly debarring the student or students from getting admission in any other institution or university.
  • FIR with the police and arrest.
  • Collective punishment may be imposed where involved persons are not identified.

Anti - Ragging Measures

  • During registration and admission process, we at RNB Global University will provide leaflets which will comprise of details pertaining to Anti-Ragging Regulation for which the university will require consent from every student. The document will be maintained in university records for future reference.
  • The Leaflet will comprise of end to end information with respect to Anti-Ragging Drive. It will also furnish the details of anti-ragging helpline number, cell, squad and officials involved in antiragging drive.
  • The students and parents have to sign an affidavit on Rs. 10 stamp paper and provide it to the authorities at the time of provisional admission. Without the affidavit the student will not be enrolled.

Anti - Ragging Cell

In order to enhance the power and strength of anti-ragging drive, RNB Global University has taken many initiatives like, Anti-Ragging Helpline, Anti-Ragging Committee, Anti-Ragging Squad, Security Cell, Residential Staff and Senior Officers appointed to take care of preventing any ragging activity from occurring in the premises of university.


1. Anti - Ragging Helpline

RNB Global University has operationalised Anti-Ragging Helpline numbers in order to enable the students, parents and other people associated with University to get in touch with the officials and bring ragging issues here forth. The following are our Anti-Ragging helpline numbers that operate 24x7x365 at your service.


2. Anti - Ragging Committee

Every department in RNB Global University will comprise of “Anti Ragging Committee” which will be duly governed and headed by Programme Coordinator/Deputy Director and Director. Only selected faculty members, students and parents and non-teaching staff will form anti-ragging committee.

Every member in Anti-Ragging Committee will be totally and completely liable and responsible to ensure that no activity of ragging takes place as provided in anti-ragging policy and make sure to implement every instruction at all times.

RNB Global University has a robust, effective and dynamic anti-ragging committee in place.


3. Anti - Ragging Squad

  • Every Programme Coordinator/Deputy Director and Director at RNB Global University will comprise of members of Anti-Ragging Squads. The number of squads will completely depend upon the number of blocks/strengths and floors in the university in order to implement anti-ragging measures effectively.
  • The team of Anti-Ragging Squads will constitute of senior officials, faculty members and senior and fresher students.
  • The Squads need to investigate incidences of ragging and report to Anti Ragging Control Room/ Anti Ragging Committee in order to take relevant action for the same.

RNB Global University has a robust, effective and dynamic anti-ragging Squad in place.


4. Security Cell

The security cell is formed to take care of the security issues of the students within the campus. In order to address issues regarding ragging, one can freely and easily acknowledge the same to them.


5. Residential Staff

In order to ensure a ragging free environment in campus, we have appointed specific responsible, authorized and impactful people as residential staff.


6. Senior Officers

RNB Global University is striving hard to leave no stone unturned with respect to an anti –ragging and mentally peaceful academic environment within university premises. Hence, we have also appointed special senior officers.



Action Procedure

Anti-Ragging Squads and Security Cell, Residential Staff and Senior Officers will immediately report any incidence of ragging or abetment of ragging noticed by them to the Anti-Ragging Helpline and also to the Anti-Ragging Committee of each Department.

In-charge of the Anti-Ragging Helpline will take immediate action as per the situation which may include:

  • Immediate suspension of involved students
  • Sending reinforcements or any medical help if required.
  • Forward the main gist / report of incident to the Anti-Ragging Committee and the monitoring cell.

The Anti-Ragging Committee of the concerned Department will examine the report and recommend appropriate punishment which will be awarded after the approval of the Monitoring Cell.


Freshers Introduction / Induction

A systematically organized Freshers' Introductions / Get-Together party will be organized by various Departments as per policy issued by the VC which would conform with the decorum and dignity as expected by the University and act as a forerunner for introductions and ice breaking between seniors and freshers.



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