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College days are undoubtedly one of the best phases in any body’s life. This is the period where the mind stays unbridled from the troubles of the world. The life and time spent as a student are the ones that stand ever cherished and etched in their minds.

Looking back down memory lane, the days spent in the class rooms, listening to lectures from learned professors, the time spent in the labs and the library, the studies and the exams never linger in the minds with the passage of time. Those unfettered moments enjoyed under the open sun in the company of select classmates or friends shall always fester in one’s mind whether he or she emerges as a CEO of a Billion Dollar entity or is in the constant quest of new thrills as a wildlife photographer.

With every intention of creating these very magical moments, the University has created several open and closed spaces where the students can gather for casual meetings and interactions with ach other. These are the special moments that transform as the very bedrock of sweet nostalgia.

The University has created several such avenues like the Open Air Theatre, the Cafeteria, the Central Courtyard, the Stone Park and the Sports Arena.

Open Air Theatre

The Open Air Theatre is the perfect forum for the students to meet and interact with each other. The vast open area and the ample seating spaces make it the choicest venue for all the students to gather and share their like and dissimilate thoughts.

The Central Courtyard

The Courtyard is an open area within the campus that serves as a perfect spot for the students to gather in large numbers and interact with each other. This prepares the perfect pitch for bonhomie among the students and helps them understand each other better.


Cafeteria is a fun place to mingle for the students where there is a constant flow of laughter and the fresh aroma of food. The ample seating arrangements and the air cooled atmosphere and the supply of hygienic and freshly prepared snacks form the perfect backdrop to meet and make friends.

Brick Park

In order to create a calm and sedate environment for the students to sit, relax and interact with one another, we have created the Brick Park. It is a developed as a pristine location where there is ample and comfortable seating and is set amidst picture perfect greenery.

Sports Arena

The Sports Arena is another location where the students can gather in large numbers. The Arena provides the students ample room to watch the various sporting events and cheer for the home team during the various sporting events conducted by the University at the local as well as the national level.

Vending Areas

The vending areas have been created as hangout areas that have been provided with comfortable seating to cater as student dugouts along with vending machines that dispense hot and cold beverages.

For those students who prefer to sit amidst greenery and flowering plants and pleasantly cool trees, there are exclusive sitting areas in the University garden to sit and contemplate during breaks or on holidays.

The intention of the University in the setting up of these points is to create outlets for the students to open their minds and make room for open minded discussions. We stand firm to our view that such forums of dialogue and discussion are essential to create parallel avenues of positive thinking.

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