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Admission Open 2022

Admission Open 2022

Green Campus

Under a Green Cover

A Young Mind Evolves Greatly In A Clean Environment And Under Clarion Sunshine.


Under Nature’s Refuge

We believe that a clean, green and a pollution free environment provides a pristine backdrop for an effective learning experience. We have therefore left no stone unturned in the development of a green ecosystem to provide enrichment to the mind, heart and soul of the students.

All the avenues and roads within the University campus are therefore adorned with tall trees bearing emerald green leaves and beautiful flowers to create a homogenous feeling amongst everyone within the campus.

We also intend to introduce planting of saplings by the students for adducible greenery within the campus and also inculcate awareness towards nature in their minds.


Oxygen Points

We have worked to create oxygen points in the University Campus where we have planted trees that breathe out oxygen. These zones have been developed since it has been proven that oxygen is essential for the holistic development of the young minds.


Go Organic

We are working towards the usage of organic products such as pulses, fruits and vegetables in the canteens and the hostel mess. We also intend to involve local school children in our green initiative by way of environment awareness campaigns and energy conservation based activities.

The Pivots of the environmental policy

  • Solid waste management
  • Waste water management
  • Rain water harvesting
  • Optimum Usage of solar energy


We have incorporated means of solid and water waste management within our campus. We have introduced measures for converting the solid waste generated within the campus as bio fertilizers for the plants and trees.

Tapping Solar Energy

The arid zone of Bikaner has an abundant supply of solar energy. We therefore have plans to install in house solar plants and create sustainable energy for the requirement of the campus.

Rainwater Harvesting

In another step towards the preservation of the intricate water table in the barren area of Rajasthan, all the campus buildings have been made compatible for rain water harvesting. We are positive that the rain water harvesting method employed by us will be the guiding light for the upcoming Universities in the country.

Conservation Of Energy

We have adapted the style of architecture that is hospitable to the conservation of natural resources and energy. Further, we have also made use of such construction materials in the construction of the building walls and parapets that reduce the room temperatures and enhance the efficiency of the air conditioning system.


The Green Rules

We staunchly endorse the policy of environment conservation and stand deeply rooted in our commitment to set new standards of environmental preservation. We possess a deep and instilled allegiance to the conservation of energy resources. The University campus stays committed to the maintenance of the ecological balance in the region of Bikaner. In order to achieve this, we persevere for the utilization of clean energy. The University shall steer for the regulation, involvement and inculcation of a policy of sustenance of environment and stem the usage of artificial energy resources. We have therefore introduced the usage of Electric Golf carts for commuting within the campus area. We are endorsing and enforcing measures to make the University a zero carbon campus.


Drip Irrigation

In order to conserve the delicate water table of Bikaner, we are making use of drip irrigation system. Further, we have installed water treatment plants to recycle the waste water generated in the campus. The treated water is being supplied to the toilets and the garden areas.


Utilizing Natural Light

The building architecture is designed in such a manner that permits the free flow of air and allows natural light to cover all the corners of the building. The ample natural light therefore avoids the usage of the lights in the corridors and rooms.

Towards Cleanliness

By enforcing the Prime Minister’s “Swachh Bharat Mission”, we will educate the students about community cleanliness and make them keep their immediate neighborhood clean.

We also adhere to the Union Government’s decision to ban smoking in public places and have made the campus a no smoking zone. Further all the vehicles making their entry into the campus must mandatory be armed with the pollution check certificate.



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