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Admission Open 2022

Admission Open 2022


School of Basic and Applied Sciences


The School of Basic and Applied Sciences is devoted to develop understanding of the fundamental principles of science and engineering that are capable of enhancing the human experience among the keen learners.


The School of Basic and Applied Sciences is offering undergraduate degree programs (B. Sc, B.C.A.), postgraduate degree programs (M. Sc, M.C.A.) and integrated degree programs. The School is equipped to carry out both teaching and research through its various Basic and Applied Science disciplines, namely, Mathematics, Chemistry, Physics, Statistics, Bio-technology and Computers. The school endeavours to impart education of fundamentals so that students can well appreciate the intricacies of day to day problems and attempt to solve applied problems in real life situation. The School contributes two folds; one, Basic Sciences contributes to the foundations of numerous professions and industries; and, two, it creates new scientific knowledge driven by intellectual curiosity besides the desire to have reliable information for application.


Course and teaching methodologies are up-to-date with present emerging trends. Students are well groomed and nurtured for career in industries/higher education/research. Curriculum includes extensive interaction with industries through well-designed projects. The School organises events like seminars, workshops, conferences as well as guest lecturers for the benefit of the students. The main thrust and philosophy behind the establishment of the School is to promote in depth undergraduate & post Graduate education and conduct research in emerging areas of Basic and Applied Sciences that will be beneficial for the Nation and the World at large.


The School’s partnerships with educational, scientific, and business communities foster a dynamic learning environment. The School actively engage undergraduate and graduate students in learning and connect them to opportunities in employment and education. The aim of all these activities is to play an important decisive role in the career of students by helping them become world class professionals; who can face future technical challenges.



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The School lays stress upon most modern methods of teaching i.e. applying the latest technological tools. Students would find their classes interesting and lively because of these.

The school faculty is in constant touch with various experts in the relevant field, is open to and willing to experiment with latest ideas in teaching. The curriculum designed is comprehensive and is comparable to International Standards. It provides huge openings and built in potential for research. It subscribes to the deep and sustained belief that application of principles of natural sciences in Technology can bring about material advances. School of Basic and Applied Sciences equips students with technical knowledge, skill and ability; motivating them to think creatively, helping them to act independently and take decisions accordingly in all their scientific pursuits and other endeavours. It strives to equip and empower its students and faculty members to contribute to the development of society and Nation.

In combination with the high-tech campus, the dedicated and highly qualified faculty comprising of distinguished academicians and scientists, innovative teaching methodologies and strong corporate interactions are some of the salient features of the School. Besides imparting theoretical knowledge, we give more emphasis on practical training and accordingly, the curriculum is upgraded periodically in consultation with leading professionals and academicians keeping in mind the present day requirements. The curriculum stresses on developing with analytical & communication skills, problem solving and team work abilities and ethics.

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