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Admission Open 2022

Admission Open 2022

Centre for Leadership development

At RNBGU, we belive in fostering holistic development and enrichment in our students by imbibing essential values, traits and skilss needed for facing challenges as the step into the corporate league. Hence the centre for Leadership Development was conceptualised and given the shape of centre which would oprate as the nuclear of nuturing corporate relations.


Understanding that the overall enhancement of the student, that is, the practical presentation of the students theoretical skills acts as an essential contributor for setting a thresh hold for the student in the Market, the centre has started crafting and implementing various training capsules under ASE and CLD so as to be able to bridge the gap as per the Market and specific vertical requirements. The CLD at the RNBGU goes a step further as compared to the Training and Placements Centre, by dwelling into the basic potential of each candidate, analysing, highlighting the cause and effect for the student, scrutinising each one individually.


A true leader is one who could perform exceptionally well in every circumstance. Along with imparting education and academic proficiency to our students, we prepare them for situations beyond academics also. Inclusion of co-curricular and extracurricular activities under the Umbrella of ASE are facilitating a comprehensive development of students towards every perspective scenario. RNBGU believes in encouraging its students to participate in special fests, interuniversity events, role plays, management games, case study sessions, mock interview, group discussions, and many other activities.


Centre for leadership Development work as epicentre of studying the gaps between the Industry Practical requirements and formulating tailor made modules to train our candidates. Ability and Skill Enhancement is the Umbrella under which various spikes like training modules on communication skills, business etiquettes, technical terminology, vertical study, understanding requirements of various specialisations and many such topics are taught which render in helping the students prepare for the Global Entrant.


At our centre, we conduct psychometric tests or assessment tests on regular basis to identify the strengths and weaknesses of our students. Where strengths play an integral role in the development of students, it too becomes evident for us to identify their weaknesses at the same time. Our centre strives towards taking initiatives that will enable them to supersede their weaknesses.


The concept of CLD is not just limited till the candidates of final year who are at that crucial juncture of going through the myopic selection process for Internships and Placements. At RNBGU CLD activities and curriculum embraces the students from day one as they put their first foot forward as an RNBian training them as per the requirements that have been streamlined after a lot of in-depth study and analysis preparing them for the market.


Various Management workshops and student counselling sessions are a regular feature at CLD. This is helping our students gain freedom from mental blockages and gain the confidence to perform exceptionally well in every situation.


Working actively towards building corporate relationships and industrial alliances, the centre for leadership and development at the RNBGU works towards understanding the key requisites, essentials and expectations of organizations and companies for the students.



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