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Admission Open 2022

Admission Open 2022

Teaching Enhancement


Knowledge is like a bounty of treasure that never ceases to exist. It is that treasure which improves by sharing, increased by learning and excels by training.


It is our earnest understanding that the teachers exemplify as the key pillars in the development of a superior and educated future of the students along with the growth of the Nation. It is our belief that we require teacher enhancement programs so that there is further improvement among our academicians. These programs endorse an improvement in the standards of teaching and thereby assist the teachers in updating themselves to newer and novel teaching methodologies. The variation in the existing teaching patterns will usher significant positivity among the students since the mundane and repetitive teaching pattern will only add to enhance the somber teaching methodologies adapted by the teachers. Eminent psychologists too are of the opinion that innovative measures adapted in studies can stimulate freshness and instill a fresh lease of energy in the study atmosphere along with that of the campus premises. Similarly, such teaching enhancement techniques will update them on the latest techniques or bring forward reforms in the arena of the curriculum and teaching.


The aim of teacher enhancement programs is to set forth novel and innovative teaching methodologies that will mould the careers of the future leaders of the Nation. The RNB Global University will therefore introduce dedicated Teacher Training and Certificate Programs that will endorse the standards defined by the Government. Further, the University shall run faculty development workshops and seminars chaired by experts as a part of these training programs. The technological tools in education are subject to constant evolution and these will always be monitored on a regular basis by the University management. The RNB Global University shall instill these innovative and new teaching tools for its academicians to usher novelty in the education system.


The RNB Global University aims to become a leading education and research institution at a global level. We carry the firm belief that the teachers are the pivotal pillars of the University. We are optimistic that their perseverance and dedication will transform the University into a Centre of Excellence. The RNB Global University will be involving them in designing the course curriculum and encourage them to suggest new techniques for teaching and learning.


At RNB Global University, Teacher Enhancement Programs or Faculty Development Programs shall play a pivotal role in the upliftment of the caliber as well as the expertise of the Faculty; ensuring implementation of superior Training and Development programmes. We are planning to incorporate several teaching enhancement programs that are tailor made for teachers after embracing the core areas that have undergone development, upgradation or modification in the education arena. Further, we will seek expert guidance to assist us in devising special development programs to enhance the instructional skills, computer usage & internet browsing ability, teaching methods and the strategic mindset building of our faculties. These programs are exclusively designed and aimed at providing better exposure, learning and expertise to the faculty. The University will come forward to encourage them to participate in workshops, seminars, mock learning sessions and other activities. With special emphasis being laid on research and innovation, we at the RNB Global University will encourage the faculty members to participate in research oriented activities on a regular basis.

The University will also be conducting regular sessions for those teachers who are residing in the campus premises. The schedule of all the teachers will be organized after discussing the factors such as the availability of experts, timings and the convenience of teachers.



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