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Admission Open 2022

Admission Open 2022

Social Initiatives

Shiksha Ki Unchi Udaan

Shiksha Ki Unchi Udaan is an initiative for the welfare and upliftment of students of various sections of the society. Under this initiative the following programs are running focused on education:

  • Career Awareness Program (CAP)
  • Student Development Program (SDP)
  • Awards and Scholarships

Career Awareness Program (CAP) is helpful for the students to attain the information related to the courses prevailing in the market. CAP helps students to take decision in selecting a particular course from the numerous available courses. It is true that after attaining detailed information of various courses one can make a wise and informed decision for his/her career. Selection of wrong course may result in digression of goal which may have the repercussions on student’s career as well as life. Every student should take the benefit of CAP, and with the help of experienced counsellors, one can opt the right choice.

Student Development Program (SDP) is one of the programs developed with a view to empower students by imbibing the qualities of decision making, self-confidence and good communication skills. Communication skills along with self –learning qualities not only make student perfect but also teach them to control the unmanageable situations on their own. The program is crucial in nurturing the overall mental and physical growth of a student. By virtue of leadership qualities managerial skills can also be developed which make students more pragmatic in real life. The benefits of SDP produce those skills which are required to vanquish the global challenges.

Awards boost the confidence of a child whereas scholarships reduce the financial burden of parents. An achievement in academic or non-academic field must be awarded through scholarships or awards. It’s an opportunity for the students to earn an identity in society/institution through their hard work. If school/teacher awards a student for his behavior or for performance in exams, automatically an encouragement evolves to perform better. Scholarships also motivate students to score high in exams so that financial benefit in terms of scholarships can be reaped.


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