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Admission Open 2022

Admission Open 2022

Quality Assurance

The Hallmark Of Quality

The Deliverance Of Quality Education Is An Insurance Policy Towards A Better Tomorrow

The RNB Global University has set forth for the establishment of an Internal Quality Assurance Cell as per the recent stipulations of the National Assessment and Accreditation Council (NAAC), Bangalore. The purpose of the Quality Assurance Cell is to provide sustained and consistent delivery of quality education.
Monitoring and Assessment

The education landscape is highly endemic and therefore subject to constant change. It is essential for all the Universities to adapt themselves to the dynamics surrounding the genre of academics. The Internal Quality Assurance Cell in the University shall therefore monitor and assess the quality of education in the University.

The Quality assurance cell shall also monitor as per the regulations laid out by the UGC and the Government dictums on a regular basis. It shall be the onus of the cell to bring forth modifications as per the mandates of the UGC and the Government on the academic programmes developed by the University.

Assessing University’s Role

This cell for Quality Assurance shall also play a principal role in assessing the role of the University administration and assuage suitable changes in the nodules. The Cell shall be managed by specialists who are well versed with the education scenario and can therefore guide the University to deliver quality education as is mandated in the present day scenario.

The cell shall also analyze the methods adopted by the leading Universities in the country and abroad and formulate policies that ensure the qualitative deliverance of knowledge development in the University.


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