Admission Open 2021

Admission Open 2021



Webinar on Innovation And IPR: For Biotech Start-Ups And Business Incubators

Jan 28, 2021

About Webinar

The webinar will deliberate basic concepts and definitions of Intellectual Property (IP) and Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) and why IPR is an integral part of any business strategy. The need for biotechnology startups has been increased especially during these hard times, their unique technology and research are acting as a vaccine for the country's development

Importance of webinar for the students:

  • Acquaint yourself with Subject knowledge.
  • Webinar taken by Exceptionally Qualified and Professional Trainer actively involved in Research & Development.
  • Scales up your CV/ Resume in Biotech Start-Ups and Business Incubators.

Resource Persons

Smt. Anila Choraira

Ms Rimjhim Mathur

Ms Megha Khandelwal

Dr Sarika Gupta

Ms Preeti Bhatnagar

Course Contents

The webinar aims to provide students a clear picture of recent trends and scope of IPR as well as providing information about biotechnology startups. Following are webinar highlights: 

  • Innovation & Intellectual Property Rights with Special Focus on Entrepreneurship
  • Bio-technology and IPR regime
  • Latest Schemes of Ministry of MSME and benefits for MSMEs through Intellectual Property Rights (IPR)

Session Details

The webinar had started on 28th January, 2021 at 11:00 AM at Online Platform of Webax. 20 student of B.Sc. Biotechnology and B Sc Agriculture attended the webinar.

The webinar was divided into five sessions.

In first session Ms Rimjhim Mathur told about IPR, Trademark, process of trademark, copy rights, Designs, WIPO, Plant variety and Geographical indication  

Second Session taken by Megha Khandelwal and given lecture on Role of IPR in Biotechnology, Human ford, property right of literature, right by government to protect the product.

Third session taken by Smt. Anila Choraira, she share information about schemes in MSME and product cost

Fourth session taken by Dr Sarika Gupta, share information about Greenathan Technologies, their product (Biozyme), their copy rights and policy

Fifth session taken by Ms Preeti Bhatnagar, she given lecture on Biotechnology Entrepreneurship, Tulsi and Honey Product, use of natural product against artificial product for flavor, Registration Process in MSME, FASSI Registration process


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