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“Impact of TV Advertisements on Buying Behavior in Modern Age”

May 24, 2021

RNB Global University’s School of Commerce and Management organized the Webinar titled “Impact of TV Advertisements on Buying Behavior in Modern Age” on 24th May 2021.
The session commenced with the welcome address given to Resource Person –Dr.Rohtash Kumar, faculty members, to all the students and introduction of the topic by Rani Puja-Student-MBA-II semester.
Dr. Shashi Singhal –Dean-SOCM welcomed the guest speaker and spoke about the importance of advertisement. She emphasized that the amount spent for advertising on broadcast, cable TV and radio was 44 per cent, which was marginally higher than newspapers and magazines. This is because of the positive effect of TV commercials and online advertisements on consumers.
Dr. Rohtash Kumar  spoke about the importance of Impact of TV Advertisements on Buying Behavior in Modern Age to the students.
He spoke that Marketers invest in various media platforms to influence consumer behaviour. Advertisement on every media platform has a different composition that engages the consumers in a distinct way. Digitalization has led to changes in consumers’ media habits. Hence, a deeper understanding of advertisements on different media platforms and its implications on Consumer Behavior need to be established. He focuses on the effects of television, radio, newspapers, magazines and the Internet advertisements on awareness, interest, conviction, purchase and post-purchase behaviour of consumers.
He also discussed that in a competitive market, it is important for advertising managers to grab consumers’ attention through advertisements and sales promotion. A sizable marketing budget is spent on advertising. The trend of using digital media platforms for advertisements is growing. He also intends students to explore the importance of various media advertisements on consumer behaviour stages such as awareness , interest, conviction , purchase and post-purchase. Today, the advertising cost of each media is very high, and any inappropriate media strategies can be a costly decision. Thus, it is essential for advertising managers to understand various media advertisements and its impact on Consumer Behaviour. Further he also stated that Advertisers know that the earlier kids learns about a brand, the more likely they'll be to buy the product later (or request their parents to buy it). Marketing to preschoolers mostly entails commercials on television (or streaming services), since television is still the dominant medium for young children.
Rani Puja-Student-MBA-II Semester gave vote of thanks for the event. The event was successful and it rightly benefited all those who attended it.

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