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Taj Mahal Central Dome is “NOT” Asymmetrical

Sep 08, 2020

“Taj Mahal Central Dome is “NOT” Asymmetrical” has been the finding and title of the recent study done by  Dr.Ram Bajaj(  Structural Engineer and Philanthropist) . He along with his team conducted a detailed  study of  Taj Mahal structure at Agra recently and has proved by using the principles of structural engineering and architecture that the Taj Mahal and in particular the central dome of this magnificent building is perfectly symmetrical.

Dr. Ram Bajaj’s  study  has cleared the doubts and anxiety of Taj lovers and admirers, which  arised  after an article published which has claimed that the central dome of Taj Mahal is asymmetrical.

For more detail and complete access to the findings of the study please click the below mentioned link.

Taj Mahal Symmetrical

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