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Sexual Harassment of Women at Workplace

Jun 08, 2021

The purpose of this POSH Act 2013 is to prevent sexual harassment against women in the workplace and also to protect them. Workplace sexual harassment is a form of gender discrimination which violates a woman’s fundamental right to equality and right to life, guaranteed under Articles 14, 15 and 21 of the Constitution of India. This Act also ensures effective redressal of complaints of sexual harassment of women.
 About the Speaker:
Adv Jai Prakash Tahalani is a young, zestful and experienced lawyer of the Hon’ble Supreme Court and High Court of Delhi. He is a partner at the Tahalani Law Chambers Delhi. His legal Practice extends to diverse Civil and Criminal Laws like white collar crimes, commercial and banking laws, ADR’s,SLP’s but he is and expert and seasoned lawyer in bail applications and GST. He is also deal with cases related to Data Privacy laws currently.
About the Seminar :
School of Law RNB Global University organized a webinar on Sexual Harassment of Women at Workplace: Understanding and Analyzing the Prohibition and Redressal Mechanisms under the POSH Act 2013” (Prevention of Sexual harassment at workplace ACT 2013)”. the main aim of the seminar was to enhance the knowledge and make the student understand the pragmatic application of  the provisions relating to the Prevention of Sexual harassment Act 2013. The seminar embarked with a introduction on what actually is sexual harassment at workplace and how such complaints by any aggrieved woman are redressed by an Internal Complaint Committee. The Webinar was joined by Prof G.S. Karkara (Dean School of Law), the Faculty of School of Law and students of School of Law.
The welcome address was given by Lavanya Lakhotia, who welcomed the Respected Guest Speaker for the webinar, Adv Jai Parkash Tahalani (Adv Supreme Court of India) and the Dean Sir, Faculty School of Law, and the students. In her welcome address she outlined the details of the seminar, and a brief Introduction of the Guest Speaker.
The Guest Speaker Adv Jai Prakash, for the webinar dealt with various intrinsic and extrinsic aspects of the Prevention of Sexual Harassment Act 2013. In the beginning of the session, he explained about what kind of acts amount to Sexual Harassment of a woman at workplace, which was a very interactive as it included practical examples of such incidents. Further the Respected Speaker elaborated about who is an aggrieved woman under the prevention of sexual harassment Act 2013, it included all the women from organized and unorganized sector whether employed temporarily or permanently. In the later part of webinar, the procedure for redressal of complaints of Sexual Harassment at workplace by an aggrieved woman and compounding of offence was discussed by the Guest Speaker. While Concluding the Webinar the Respected speaker discussed the landmark Judgements Of the Hon’ble Supreme Court relating to Sexual Harassment and also critically analyzed the Prevention of Sexual harassment Act 2013. 
In the Concluding part of the webinar the Guest Speaker addressed the questions of the students about the practical applicability of the provisions of the said Act. Finally a Vote of Thanks was addressed by Prof G.S. Karkara, Dean School of Law to the Special Guest Adv. Jai Prakash Tahalani for his valuable opinions and Knowledge on the Subject.

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