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Admission Open 2021

Admission Open 2021



True Meaning of Success & The Key to Living Successful Life

May 07, 2021


Miss Komal Aggarwal, Student MBA initiated the session by welcoming the Guest Speaker, Faculty Members and Students.

Miss Komal Aggarwal, started by addressing the audience and by giving them an insight about RNB and briefed about the Webinar introduced the speaker Mr. Vivek Atray.

Vote of Thanks was presented by Dr. Shashi Singhal, Dean SOCM.

Significance of Webinar

It is been said that success is easy to earn but hard to sustain, the Webinar was intended to make the students aware what is real success and how to lead successful life. To lead a successful life first we have to find out peace within ourselves. There are a lot of ups and down in human’s life but we should have the ability to remain happy in difficult situations and face the challenges that will come across our lives.

Objectives of Webinar

  1. Learn ways to lead a successful life and understand the real meaning of success.
  2. Take advantage of a vast array of resources and strategies related to motivation and inspiration
  3. Understand how to recognize the positive influence that these strategies can have on students, both academically and personally

Learnings of Webinar

  1. Webinar made the students understand that, it depends on your choice to look at positive or negative.
  2. Tips to achieve of happiness and success.
  3. Everyone needs to balance one’s life and learns be a creative problem solver.

Insight on Program

In the Webinar, Mr. Atray discussed various aspects of self-improvement for students. He laid emphasis on the fact that it is important to earn inner peace for any battle to be won. To lead a successful life first we have to find out peace within ourselves. Everyone faces different challenges and difficulties in their life but being calm and happy one can win them all.  He shared the examples from Mahabharata, we all have Kurukshetra within us we can feel the battle between fear/worries that pull us down and Confidence / Courage that pull us up. Hence, life is full of up and down. 1 wrong step can take away all your fame, power and richness.

He then discussed about positive attitude by saying, always try to look Positive side of the things that are happening around you. It depends on your choice to look at positive or negative.

Don’t be careless but be happy and optimistic. Never start thinking about the problem that may happen in future and start worrying about it but have a positive approach of solving it or to overcome it when that problem will arise. He quoted, Life is not about MARKS, but it’s about making a MARK.”

Mr. Atray then discussed about the 7 C’s to Happiness & Success

  1. Courage: “Take the PlungeFearlessness
  2. Character: Nobody is perfect, we all make mistake and learn from those mistakes and try to improve ourselves.
  3. Creativity: It gives you happiness. Follow your hobby passion it makes you physically and mentally fit.
  4. Calmness: Always be calm while making decisions, it will you success by making a correct decision.
  5. Cheerfulness: Be cheerful as they are liked and respected by people. Don’t be dukhiatama.( Sad soul)
  6. Compassion: Always think of other and try to be more Emphatic.
  7. Contentment: Be happy with what you have. Have gratitude. Be ambitious with contentment.

During the Webinar, he also emphasized on good communication skills, have balance among them and nourish your soul through meditation and prayers & Ended with the story of Albert Einstein and his driver where the driver pretended to be Einstein and delivered a lecture in the college and everyone over there claps for him. Then one of professor asked him a hard question he replied that the question is so easy that even his driver (who was real Einstein) can answer this question.


  1. Webinar assured self-learning and motivation in the students.
  2. Speaker explained what happiness is and how to win difficulties and challenges by staying calm and composed.

Introduction to the Speaker:

Mr. Vivek Atray is an ex IAS, Motivational TEDx Speaker, Author of "Finding Success Within", Mentor, Advisor, Columnist & Visiting Professor. He resigned from the Indian Administrative Service, IAS, in 2017. He has performed in eight TEDx Talks and three JOSH Talks and has received over 3 million (30 Lakh) views on YouTube.

He has inspired thousands of youngsters to adopt a cheerful, positive & multidimensional approach in their lives.


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