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Admission Open 2022



Mar 19, 2021

World Water Day

Location:- RNB Global University

Student can involve in different type of activities. Interested students register your name to the event faculty in-charge. One student can participate in any two activities.

The activities are as follows:

  1. Speech Competition
  2. Essay Writing
  3. Quiz Competition
  4. Poster Making
  5. Model Making
  6. Documentary or Video


  1. Speech Competition: Seminar hall, Admin Block
  2. Essay Writing: Room No. 107, Academic Block
  3. Quiz Competition: Room No. 001, Academic Block
  4. Poster Making: Room No. 003, Academic Block
  5. Model Making: Students can bring prepared models from their home. The presentation of models will be at Room No. 114, Academic Block
  6. Documentary or Video: Seminar hall, Admin Block

Student can choose topic from the below mentioned:

  1. Water in Everyday Life
  2. Water in Agriculture and Desertification
  3. Law for Water Conservation
  4. Water and Environment
  5. Different Techniques
  6. Advancement in Science
  7. Water Reservoir as a backbone of Nation

Convener:  Dr. Pradeep Kumar Pilania (Assistant Professor), SOBAS


  1. Each Faculty In-charge is requested to enroll minimum 10 students for each event.
  2. From each event two students will be selected for certificate.


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