Street Theatre by Jana Natya Manch held at RNBGU
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Street Theatre by Jana Natya Manch held at RNBGU

29 Jul 2019

The street theatre group Jana Natya Manch (organised with cooperation from Anurag Kala Kendra and Junoon's Theatre) performed in our University. Jana Natya Manch, established in 1973 by a group of Delhi's young theatre radicals including Safdar Hashmi, is India's best-known political street theatre group. The group has to its credit over 100 street, proscenium, and other performances, totaling over 8,000 performances. The Group presented two Play (Girgit and Machine) and conducted an illustrated talk on street theatre In the Seminar Hall.

About the plays: The first play depicts the picture of complex division of work. The machine, created very simply by human figures, is the symbolic representation of capitalism. The worker, the capitalist and the security officer are all parts of the machine; they are complementary to each other but the workers are exploited from the hands of capitalist and their co-existence, then, is based on inequality.

Girgit is Safdar Hashmi's delightful adaptation of the classic Anton Chekhov story, the chameleon which is depicts hypocrisy and double standards.

A bustling market. Vendors selling all kinds of things. A boy comes along. He wants everything. He eats up the goodies, but has no money. The vendors are angry. A policeman is summoned to teach this little mischief maker a lesson. But who is this little boy - is he a 'thief', or is he the Police Commissioner's son? Hence a poor and destitute is punished and rich and powerful enjoy the perks and prestige.

RNBian’s enjoyed both the plays as theatre works on creative, emotional, intellectual and spiritual quotients. Such performance creates interdisciplinary approach, cooperation, team spirit. All these activities were organised under the supervision of Faculty mentors.

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