Webinar on Fundamental Analysis
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Webinar on Fundamental Analysis

29 Jan 2019

Dr. Ankit Kumar Baliyan, Associate Professor- NIMS University, Jaipur delivered a webinar on Fundamental analysis for the students of B.Com (H) Final year. During his discussion he explained that the concept of Fundamental analysis is a security analysis method by which a person can analyze financial products such as shares or stocks which uses financial and economic analysis to find probable future outcome or movement of stock prices.

Dr. Baliyan also emphasized the importance of fundamental analysis for the company. He said that the fundamental data may include a company’s financial reports and also non-financial information like estimates of its growth, demand for products sold by the company, comparison with different industries, any changes which are affect major economies or world economy etc.,

During the discussion Dr. Baliyan indicated the Long-term investors benefit with fundamental analysis, since valuations and stock prices ultimately reach parity in the longer run. He also discussed the benefit for Swing traders and Intra-day traders as well.

Such interactive sessions, really helpful for the students to gain the knowledge from the experts from the diverse fields.

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