Seminar on Financial Inclusion through Financial Education
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Seminar on Financial Inclusion through Financial Education

28 Jan 2019

A one day Seminar on “Financial inclusion through Financial Education” concluded at the RNB Global University, Bikaner.

Mr. Siddharth Dachalwal Senior official, SEBI was the chief Guest of the seminar. During his speech he discussed on the role of SEBI in securities market. He said that SEBI being the regulator, acts as referee of the Indian securities market and thus the existence of SEBI gives confidence and empowerment to investors’ of the market. During his speech he highlighted the importance of financial education for the students. He said that the development of economy depends on the judicious use of financial resources.

Mr. Gaurav Khinvsara Senior official, NSE said that inclusive growth is the demand of the present economic scenario and for this financial inclusion is of utmost importance. He said that looking at the attitude of Indian investors, the knowledge about the working of share markets is the need of the hour. He also shared the tips of sound investing with the students. He explained that how demonetization has increased investments in shares and debentures. He also gave his views on different market segments including debt market, equity market and equity derivatives.

The entire session was very interactive; many questions were asked by audience regarding cases filed to SEBI.

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