Seminar by RJ Rohit from Big 92.7 FM
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Seminar by RJ Rohit from Big 92.7 FM at RNB Global University

27 Aug 2016
After the onset of a new journey at the RNB Global University, the first Guest lecture was conducted on the 27th of August 2016 at the RNB premises.
RJ Rohit from Big 92.7 fm, the first in his field from Rajasthan was here to motivate and speak with the budding talent at RNB, where he emphasised, that to achieve goals in life and to be successful what you need is to DREAM and Dream Big.
RJ Rohit was welcomed with a lot of enigma, as this was the first ever Guest lecture for the new batch at RNB. The audience which was a fusion of the seniors,  juniors and the faculty members, was overwhelmed with the idea of the RJ coming to speak with them.
So, it started with a warm welcome to Rohit by the Convener – Events at RNB, and then Rohit spread his magic with the first sensational words “Good moooooooorning……… RNB”. This left all smiling and feeling as if they were living the moment of listening to an RJ from behind his studio live.
After a few words about his path to success where he related his experience of how he got selected from 563 candidates after a tedious selection process of 7 different processes starting from audition and ending with his being a winner because in front of him was his dream and with him was his Belief.
He went on to speak about all the hard work that goes in not only becoming the first RJ form Rajasthan , but also in keeping his Belief for his dream to come true, irrespective of rejections, competition, criticism and the various other obstacles , which goes to prove that “ A SMOOTH SEA NEVER MADE A SKILLFUL SAILOR” .
This was followed by a very zealed up question answer round from the students. Rohit went on to answer each one. He explained in great detail about the functioning of a Radio Junction and how it still prevails as the heart throb of the audience, world over, although the media industry  and ease of technology has given so many choices and accessibility of an a la carets for entertainment and music to the music lovers. 
Rohit also dwelled into explaining to all the students how they at the Radio Junction, study the consumer behaviour in a diverse country like India and then with a lot of hard work put together the programs that are relayed on the radio. Each program is a basket of assortments as per the tastes, age, likes and dislikes of the listeners, because in India we still are living with pride with a culture , where at the end of the day, on festivals, family occasions , all still sit together and celebrate . This makes the job for people like Rohit and many more even tougher because a package of similar offerings is easier to give to the consumer, but an assortment  with varieties as per different tastes and choices is a real steamed up job.
He also went on to answer questions about recruitments in the industry , which was more like adding garnish to the platter , already been , laid out for our students on the 15th of August, 2016 , by Shree Jagdish Chandra, Head, ETV had addressed the students, and declared ETV as an official media partner to RNB.
All in all Rohit managed to sail away as a smooth operator, very much, like his job profile. 
IF this is the way we sell dreams to our future generation, THEN Rohit definitely sold them all.
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