One Day Seminar on GST in India
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One Day Seminar on GST in India

25 Jan 2019

RNB Global University organised a seminar on GST. C.A. Manak Kochar was the keynote speaker of the seminar in which he explained on the newly introduced tax reforms in GST-Goods and Service Tax, pros and cons of GST, impact of GST on our Indian Economy, Dual GST concept.

The event was conducted by Dr. Yogesh Jain, Associate Professor, RNB global University, Bikaner. During the seminar, the speaker informed the gathering on Understanding the need for GST, Discussion on GST Provisions, rules and its procedures, Implications of GST on Current business arrangements, Transition to GST from existing practices, Do’s and Don’ts in GST, Constitutional Amendment, Legislative framework of GST, GST Council, Goods and Service Tax Network (GSTN), products out of GST, features of GST, Levy of Tax and many more concepts related concepts of GST. During the seminar Mr. Kochar said that government is continuously making the reforms in GST and this would bring about a revolutionary change in the way movement of goods will be governed in the country therefore it is the need of the hour to keep the students informed about the various provisions of tax.

The Seminar ended with presentation of mementos to the speakers. The move aims to help all of the students to understand the concept of GST and its requirement in an emerging nation like India.

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