Inspire 2019 - Annual Fest
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Inspire 2019 - Annual Fest

23 Dec 2019


21st December, 2019

"The soul should always stand ajar, ready to welcome the ecstatic experience."

The first day of INSPIRE began with the inauguration of the three day fest, with the Member of Legislative Assembly, princess of Bikaner, Ms Siddhi Kumari as the chief guest of the inaugural ceremony, with her kind and encouraging words, the fest commenced with kindling and enlightening of lamp in the presence of Lord Ganesha.

There was a small and beautiful act presented by the students of RNBGU, to present the glimpse of all the events of INSPIRE. The participants and the audience were informed about the events and their respective judges by the student crew members.

The first day commenced with the mystical rhythm, the students with the melodious and lovely voice singing, local, folklore, new and classic songs. They fired the stage with their melodious voices moving deep into the heart and filling our heart with emotions of love, friendship and happiness. "Music is the wine that fills the cup of silence!"

The entire day involved, the technical world, the artistic knowledge and the passionate creation by students. The technical world, that is related to technical field, the robo war, app tech (mobile gaming) and web wizard, web page designing were included.

The artists sees what others only catch a glimpse of! Artistic knowledge involved the beautiful sketches, wordsmith, the upcoming artists, wrote beautiful poems, articles, and created a room for us to think that this is the future, the beautiful future of our India. Adverto, the talented students presenting, the advertisement, the creation of the students, judged by the judges.

Focusing, on the innovative ideas involved in the event and which swayed the heart of audience and judges. The passionate artist, enacting the roles, in sabse bada dramebaaz added one more feather in the cap of inspire. It was a mono act showing the creativity of participants.

Later, the Treasure Quest, took the glamour of the entire day, the happy faces, laughing, giggling and running around for the clues or hints. The celebrity for the day was Rahul Ranjan and the group, filling the entire OAT with the chanting of the songs performed by the artist.

"Music and Rhythm find their way into the secret places of soul!"

The first day of INSPIRE ended with the musical voice of singer Rahul Ranjan and on the rhythm of students.


22nd December, 2019

"Participating in college fest was nothing but just an opportunity to have a GLIMPSE of you every day."

Inspire's second day commenced with the Director's cut, dealing with the aura of the short movies, our budding directors, the students of our University made short films, as we all know only the director know what basically is film about. Each events were judged by a panel of judges, or a judge.

The entire college was beautifully decorated and was carved with the voice of the judges, speakers, students participating, parents and the visitors. Among this the chirupings of the students participating in one or the other event, the discerning and scholarly students over taking the stage of quiz, business plans, I am kalam and the artistic RNBians proving themselves in front of our audience in Nexstar ( Dance competition), Creative pellets and the Rangoli competition.

At last, the entire croud at OAT, enjoyed the drama Dulari Bai presented by the theatre artists, the entire team of Priya Andrew's with Rubaru band. Enjoying the melancholic and beautiful voice of the singer with Karishma Talwar the anchor of the melodious presentation by the band. The students were awestruck with the beautiful and comedy drama with the moral.

INSPIRE, inspired our students to be participative and it enhanced the knowledge of our students.


23rd December,2019

"Learn-show-earn, cheer, chill-out. That’s what college fest is all about"

The third and the last day of inspire consisted of a various range of events. The day began with our first event, the 20Point19 FM, which was the Radio Jockey Event that gave a stage to all the aspiring radio-jockeys to showcase their talent. The event consisted of two rounds which were judged by the judges who were from 95.0 big FM and 91.1big FM respectively. In the first round the contestants had to give their introduction and in the second the contestants were given various topics on which they had to Express their views on.

The next event was the most awaited one, the Its-Stylish. This event gave all the beautiful RNBians a platform to prove that they just not are beautiful, but are full of talent and brains as well. Beauty with the brain hence, followed. The event consisted of three rounds: First one being the ramp walk round, the second one being the talent round in which the participants showcased their talents like singing or dancing and the last one being the question-answer round which tested the IQ of the contestants, as we believe in the saying that “BEAUTY IS NOTHING WITHOUT BRAIN". Ms.Its-Stylish for the year 2019-20 was awarded to Ms.Monica Sethia and Mr.Its-Stylish for the year was Mr.Rishabh Gollcha.

This event was followed by RNB Music Gali (karaoke) which was an Open Mic event where the students sang various songs and presented various poems in front of the audience. The next events following this were Nailympia i.e. the nail art competition and Mohani, The Mehendi design competition where the students showed their love for the same. The next event was Cash-the-Trash, which in brief was a competition of making the best out of waste. The next event was Extempore (JAM) in which the participants had to present their opinions on the given topics for two minutes. The other events for the day were Laugh-O-Mania, the comedy mimicry competition made the audience roll with laughter and the Innovative Mind, where the students presented various papers explaining their views on various topics. The last competition for the day was Paparazzo. The students had to present the photos which they have captured throughout the event. These pictures were of various genres like fun, nature etc.

The last day of inspire ended by a mystical performance by Dunes’ of Rajasthan. Their magical performance wooed our students. And as they say, nothing is permanent, and everything comes to an end, even the most happening of Bikaner came to an end with this.

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