Dental Care Camp held at RNBGU
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Dental Care Camp held at RNBGU

23 Jan 2019

In continuation of human endeavour by RNB Global University, a free dental check-ups and awareness camp was organized at University campus. Dr. Vaibhav Sachdev and Dr. Rachna Sachdev along with Para-medical staff carried out a comprehensive dental check-up for the students and staff members of the University.

The camp was initiated with dental awareness talk, educating students about common dental ailments, especially stressing on tooth decay and gum diseases and measures to prevent from them. The students were highlighted about the eating patterns and food choices which cause tooth decay. The surgeons also highlighted about the possible formation of harmful acid which develops when bacteria (plaque) get in contact with sugar in the mouth which ultimately results in tooth decay.

The students got ample opportunities to interact with the dental surgeons to enquire and gain knowledge concerning oral diseases. On completion of the dental check-up each student was given a Patient Card, a report summary of the diagnosed problem and the recommended dental treatment plan.

The above dental check up and awareness camp is one of the many free social events organized by the University throughout the year.

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