RNBian’s Learned Technical Know-how at Urmul Dairy
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RNBian’s Learned Technical Know-how at Urmul Dairy

22 Jan 2019

The rationale of the professional program at RNB Global University is not the theoretical learning inside the classrooms but its sole objective is to have practical edge with all basics of technical and management aspects. Students of RNB Global University visited Urmul dairy Plant along with the Mr. Sonu Bansal, Assistant Professor, Mechanical Department and Mr. Mukesh Seetpal, Assistant Professor, SOA, where students witnessed the making of various processes like Milk powder, Milk and Butter preparation, etc. Students also visited the laboratory where the milk sampled at various instants, is tested for quality and quantity at regular intervals. Mr.Ayub Khan, Manager, Urmul dairy explained the entire process to the students in an interesting manner.

The students had an opportunity to view and understand the operation of different processes using varied techniques employed in a dairy plant. Also, the visit created awareness among the students regarding the various valves, actuators, controllers, containers, packing units, control panel being used currently. Lastly, both staff and students enjoyed lassi, butter milk and ice-cream at no cost in the dairy plant. Such visits are regular activity of the University.

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