Guest Lecture on Essentialism & Fungibility By Mr. Pankaj Sarda (Capital One, USA)
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Lecture on Essentialism & Fungibility - Mr. Pankaj Sarda. Capital One, USA

21 Feb 2017

A guest lecture titled “Essentialism and Fungibility” was conducted on 21st February at the RNB Global University for the students of BBA and MBA. In the beginning by Ms. Khyati Jain Asst Prof at RNB Global University introduced Mr. Pankaj Sarda to the audience.

This was followed by an interaction of Mr. Sarda with the students to know about their academic interests and career plans. He then began with the elaboration of the company Capital One. He briefed the students about his academic qualifications and background along with his professional experience of last fifteen years highlighting the practical experiences he acquired as he moved up the career ladder. He explained the concepts of Essentialism and Fungibility to the students quoting examples from his experience. Focussing further on essentialism and fungibility, Mr. Sarda discussed about the essential requirements for being an entrepreneur or a business professional and the flexibility required in performing a job. He quoted an example of Amazon which is the middle man for businesses and customers and what is the process for the delivery system as Amazon performs the operations as well. Heading towards the end of lecture he had an interactive session with the students for about 10 minutes where the discussion was open for the students to ask their queries and problem faced in their career path.

He also briefed about the importance of identifying the essentials and how you have to be flexible with the current dynamic environment these days. In this context he briefed students about various tech giants like facebook, Netflix, twitter, goggle etc and explained how Netflix came into existence; how the owners of the Netflix identified the problem from the various other movie, serials concerned sites like blockbuster. Students were so interactive throughout the session and took a keen interest in knowing the nitty gritty of entrepreneurship. The students were eager to know about how to make a beginning for a “Start up”, as some of them are willing to become entrepreneurs. They also wanted to know how to achieve the heights and become big business tycoons like Mukesh Ambani. The students found the session to be very knowledgeable, inspiring and interactive which helped them to gain practical insights not only into the functioning of established corporates but also into the essentials of becoming big entrepreneurs. 

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