Guest lecture on Environmental Issues by Dr.Arundeep Ahluwalia (Environmental & Geoscience activist)
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Guest lecture on Environmental Issues by Dr.Arundeep Ahluwalia

20 Mar 2017
Dr. Arundeep Ahluwalia is an Environmental & Geoscience activist. He is a Professor of Eminence, Environmental Sciences, Shoolini University, Solan. Prof. Ahluwalia delivered a guest lecture entitled: Excitements of Mother Earth & its environmental issues & disasters, on 20 March, 2017 at RNB Global University. The lecture was interactive in nature and all the students and staff present in the room enjoyed the presentation which continued for almost 90 minutes. The lecture comprised of various aspects related to environment. Important and pertinent issues concerning ‘Pollution’ and ‘Global Warming’ and their consequences were the central theme of the talk.  Firstly, Dr. Arundeep Ahluwalia, explained about Antarctica’s habitat and the effect of pollution in the region. He then introduced the concept of ‘Geoparks’ and its various aspects. He explained the definition of ‘geopark’ and the possibilities of creating geoparks in India. He also said that Rajasthan has great possibilities of creating geoparks due to its rich culture and glorious history. He also explained the economic impacts of creating geoparks and participation of youth in this step. He then switched to the biggest problem of the global world, i.e. pollution. He talked about pollution briefly. He enumerated about the effects of pollution on health with some examples. He particularly mentioned the case of Delhi to explain the effects of pollution in the Capital and added that it is increasing at an alarming rate in other major cities of India as well! He showed some statistics of pollution in India and the steps taken by the government as wells as media in making people aware about it. He also shared some posters made against pollution and awareness toward it.
Then he explained the duties of a student towards society as well as towards curbing pollution. He highlighted the steps we can take to minimise it and how we can make people aware of it. 
Thus the most important issue about what an individual can do to save Mother Earth was discussed. He again stressed on the importance of opening of new ecological parks in Rajasthan to attract foreign tourist. The lecture ended with his warm blessings to all the students present there and a vote of thanks by the students.
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