Holi fervour comes to the Fore
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Holi fervour comes to the Fore

19 Mar 2019

Holi, the Festival of Colours was celebrated with great enthusiasm at RNB Global University on the 19th March 2019.

In account of World Water day (22nd March), all the students watered the plants in the university lawn and then assembled in the academic foyer for the Holi celebration. While addressing the students, Mr. K.K. Bajaj, Vice Chairman, RNB Global University, congratulated the students who voluntarily participated in the Bikaner theatre festival 2019 and shared the souvenir of the BTF with the students. After few energetic performances by the students on stage on the tunes of Holi songs, they exchanged Holi greetings with each other. At the end the dance floor was open for the students.

Truly Holi not only strengthens the bond of unity but it also makes us stronger as a family. It was a great experience for everyone as the festival of Holi signifies the coming together of different communities and the celebration of the spirit of universal brotherhood.

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