Guest Lecture on LAW by Mr Shyam Krishan Kaushik NLU Jodhpur
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Guest Lecture on LAW by Mr. Shyam Krishan Kaushik, NLU Jodhpur

16 Jan 2017
Law education is all about the practicality understanding of the constitution & development of the human mind for a sound judgment. RNB Global University’s School of Law follows an education system which creates an impeccable learning environment involving around real case studies, regular moot court sessions and interaction with a highly experienced law professional from various industries. 
RNB Global University’s School of Law offers several top law courses such as Integrated BA + LLB, Integrated BBA + LLB, LLB recognized & approved by UGC and Bar Council of India. The experiences shared by industry professional, act like a power knowledge capsules. Therefore, a guest lecture on Law was organized recently at the wide green campus of RNB Global University. The speaker of the guest lecture was Mr. Shyam Krishan Kaushik, NLU Jodhpur.
About Mr. Shyam Krishan Kaushik, NLU Jodhpur
Shri S K Kaushik holds an LL.B. and LL.M.  degree from Delhi University. He is the Assistant Dean (Faculty of Law) and also Executive Director of the Centre for Legal Theory at the National Law University Jodhpur. He teaches and writes in the field of Jurisprudence, Family Laws, Interpretation of Statutes, Commercial Transactions, and Contracts. In particular, he writes and speaks on the issues of Sovereignty, Rights, Moral Responsibility, Selfhood etc. His favoured area of research is Vedic Hindu philosophies on which he very often relies to compare and analyse the western jurisprudential ideas. He regularly speaks on these issues at National and International conferences. His published work includes books on Interpretation of Statutes, Sale of Goods and Trusts & Charities. He has been teaching law for eighteen years and his experience includes teaching at Delhi University and the Indian Law Institute.
Through this guest lecture with highly experienced & knowledgeable speaker, the budding lawyers become enlightened and were able to understand their roles, responsibilities towards society and country. 
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