One Day Seminar on Financial Literacy
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One Day Seminar on Financial Literacy

14 Aug 2019

The session on Financial literacy was organised at RNB Global University. The main objective of the seminar was to increase the awareness about financial markets and products and to increase the cognizance of students about different Certification required along with Graduation or Post Graduation programs for job and promotion in service sector of financial products. Seminar started with welcome address to speaker Ms Shweta Camma, Corporate Trainer by Ms. Muskaan Jain (Student BBA V Finance).

Ms. Camma explained Very important topics, about NIFTY & SENSEX Index of Stock Market, about equity market, IPO, Derivatives(F&O) Market & Debt Market. She guided students on how to open demit account and what are the requirements of opening it, like PAN Card, Bank account & passport size photos etc. She also gave knowledge to the student about future & option in which she explained glimpses of derivative market future (long & short) & option (put & call) and explained very well the difference between speculation and gambling as well as Trading & Investment. For trading one should know about technical analysis and for Investment about fundamental analysis. Ms. Camma advised on how to get trained in stock market by taking up certification courses like NISM & NCFM. Most important thing she told was that if you are an initial investor then you need to invest in mutual funds before directly entering into equity market because it will be less risky than other market.

Such seminars are essential for the student as they get knowledge about stock and exchange market and finance sector. This sector is directly and indirectly effecting our personal and professional life, so Its basic knowledge is must for everyone.

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