Students Shine in Mock Parliament
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Students Shine in Mock Parliament

07 Feb 2019

A Mock Parliament was held at RNBGU, where the enthusiasm with which the students participations left everyone amazed. The students' mock Parliament had both the ruling and the opposition parties at the right and left sides, respectively. It saw the future's young leaders presenting their views on steps to be taken for the welfare of the country and how to work towards achieving the dream nation of India.

Ms. Sakshi Bishnoi played the role of Prime Minister while Ms. Astha Baid was the leader of opposition. Ms. Anmol Parakh acted as Speaker of the House. It was unlike the ones seen in the Parliament these days which is dominated by confusion and quarrel. As many as 35 students participated in the mock Parliament.

Justice Manak Mohta, Retd. High Court Justice, Rajasthan high Court Jodhpur, Sh. Leeladhar Swami, Retd. District & Session judge and Sh. Jitendra Singh, Retd. District & Session Judge, were the Judges for the Mock Parliament Session.

The ‘Question Hour’ lasted for more than two hours wherein the Opposition party brought key issues to the fore that impacted country’s economy and international relations. Question hour session was followed by the discussion on passage of constitutional Amendment Bill for 40% reservation of Women in Parliament and Minimum education to become Member of Parliament.

Ms. Anmol Parakh was declared the Best Speaker of the House while Ms. Nisha Thirani was declared as best parliamentarian . Ms. Shivani Vyas, Ms. Uttama Acharya and Mr. Yashpal was selected the Best Speaker from Ruling Party while Ms. Nisha Thirani, Ms. Sonal Parihar and Ms. Poonam Somra were selected as Best Speaker from Opposition Party.

Dr. G.S. Karkara, Dean SOL, highlighted the objectives of this activity. He said that all such activities will enhance their overall personality, help them overcome stage fear and moreover evolve them as a confident and knowledgeable individual.

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