Guest Lecture on “India and International Relations-Challenges and Opportunities”
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Guest Lecture on “India and International Relations-Challenges and Opportunities”

05 Aug 2019

The journey on Interactive and Experiential learning is alive, in this continuity, at RNBGU, School of Law, organized a guest lecture with Prof. Dr. Arshi Khan, Aligarh Muslim University. In this interaction, topic of discussion was India and International relations, and its journey from pre to post independence. Prof. Khan enriched the students about the real meaning of democracy, he gave a different interpretation on this, according to Prof. Khan, India, Pakistan, America, Switzerland have democracy, but we easily identify the differences in their democracy with comparison to each other. Prof. Khan said that at the time of Independence, India was great political power but now it is not, it only remains an economic power.

The main objective of this lecture is to make the students aware about the India and its relations with other nations. For the law students it is essential that they should know, the forms and political structure of India and on what pillars this political structure stands. How the political diplomacy fails or succeed? Not only India but also about the countries of the world. This kind of opportunity to the students to interact with the expert in their respective field enhances their understanding related to different issues It gives the chance to the students to nurture their knowledge.

The last part of this session was interactive session. Students took active participation without any hesitation they asked relevant questions to Prof. Khan, Prof. answer quenched the curiosity with sea of wisdom he possesses. He encouraged and appreciated that students of RNB global are inquisitive. Professor lauded the vision of the university and wished students and university a bright future.

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