Guest Lecture by Mr. Anil Gupta. Director Operations, Goa plant at Pfizer India Ltd
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Guest Lecture by Mr. Anil Gupta. Director Operations, Goa plant at Pfizer India Ltd

05 Apr 2017
It was a matter of great pride for RNB Global University to welcome Mr. Anil Gupta, Director Operations, Goa plant at Pfizer India Ltd on the 5th April 2017. Pfizer Inc.  is an American global pharmaceutical corporation headquartered in New York City.  It is among the world's largest pharmaceutical companies and Pfizer India is one of the country’s leading providers of family healthcare products and prescription medicines.
On his arrival, he was overwhelmed by the warm welcome extended by the Registrar, Deputy Registrar, MBA students Mr. Shubham Pugalia and Ms. Priyanka Baid by presenting a bouquet of flowers. During his interaction with the university officials he shared the company’s mission -“To be the premier, innovative biopharmaceutical company”. He briefed about the pursuit of innovation which is basic to Pfizer's culture; backed by research and development (R&D) that leads to pharmaceutical inventions, to the transfer of knowledge to patients and providers, to the way they respond to the changing marketplace. This has been instrumental in gaining various accolades for the company for consecutive years since 2000! 
He was impressed with the state of the art infrastructure of the university in this remote part of desert of the country and appreciated the efforts of all the stakeholders in the growth of the university in a short span of 2 years since its inception in 2015. He was happy to know about the academic curriculum of various schools, the pedagogy adopted and all the extracurricular activities spanning from literary, sports, cultural competitions, celebration of Annul Fest, Industrial visits in country and overseas to Dubai and Malaysia. He was highly impressed with the community radio “”RNB Voice” and the newspaper “RNB Times” of the university and applauded the vision of the university to cater so beautifully to the global needs through a technologically savvy campus locally! He was kind enough to record a message for the students of the university.
During an interaction with the students he shared the business achievements of Pfizer globally and nationally, its culture backed by  values like integrity, respect, customer focus, innovation team work to name a few. He addressed student queries about how to be successful in a career in the corporate, is it difficulty for women to pursue career in MNC’s with a family responsibility to which he replied that the world is open for those who dream big, just believe in self. Performers can confidently adapt to the culture of the organization in self! He advised them to think out of the box, have the courage to take up challenges and emerge as winners!
He then interacted with the teaching staff of the university; the Deans, the Program Convenors who explained the learnings and benefits obtained by students by adoption of the interactive pedagogy at the university. For example the ability and skill enhancement course is tailor made for the students of each program of the  undergraduate  and post graduate level to build confidence, practice English speaking skills, learn formal communication, enhance presentation skills, develop leadership skills etc., to name a few. Besides this the RNB newspaper and community radio helps to showcase the latent talent of students in tune with the need of the present hour. The guest lectures facilitate to bring practical insights into class rooms, seminars and industrial visits are an opportunity to look into the formal and real world practices. He admitted that the changes are reflected in the students which he observed during the interaction. He extended an invitation for the students to visit the Goa plant in the near future.
Finally it was time to part. He wished that the university grows leaps and bounds. With fond memories he was bid adieu asserting to visit again whenever possible.
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