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About Alumni Association

Alumni Association is registered & it is an integral part of university’s vision, mission & core values. Alumni is very important pillar of university because they become leaders and decision makers in many parts of world so that from their valuable feedback university can improve in various aspects, like research, teaching learning methodology, placements, admission & more important university branding.

Alumni Chapter has been there from 2017 & registered in succeeding years in the name of “RNB STUDENTS ALUMNI & REUNION SOCIETY” (RNB STARS). The alumni of university have always been keen to share their knowledge & expertise with the existing students. Owing to Covid-19 association formally got register this year but however interaction and involvement of the alumni has never been affected.

Alumnus also play an instrumental role in enhancing the programs through the perspective of professional development of the students. Since the feedback through the alumnus gives an influence of industry that create a practical outlook. Alumni interactions has also been valued by the students.

Objectives of the Alumni Association

  • To provide a good and strong bonding among the students, faculty and the university for mutual benefit and synergy.
  • To exchange professional knowledge, organize academic, technical conferences, seminars, webinar, workshops & training courses.
  • To organize career development and guidance program.
  • To share and utilize the rich experiences of alumni of the university for the benefit and better development of the present students.
  • To provide guidance to the present students in their endeavor for better knowledge, employment and higher education.
  • To promote the campus placements through the alumni working in reputed industries in India and abroad.
  • To provide financial assistance to the needy alumni members for the pursuing higher studies based on merit and means and also arrange donations to the poor students either by way of cash or kind for their education purpose.
  • To guide and assist Alumni who have recently completed their courses of study at the RNBGU to keep them engaged in productive pursuits useful to themselves and society too.
  • To arrange debates, cultural, theatre and social welfare programs in the inside and outside the university campus and arrange teaching and training classes for the upgraded technical and general skills.
  • To maintain rich libraries, reading rooms, lecture halls, training centres etc. useful to the members of the Association.
  • To collect & maintain website, database information of employment and to assist the members in securing suitable jobs & publish periodical magazines or bulletins with valuable information useful to the association members and students.
  • To involve the association members in the overall growth of the university and the Society.
  • To get and share the valuable advices and ideas of the Alumni in the overall development of the university students.
S.No. Name of the Students Designation in Association E-mail ID
1. Ms. Kajal Soni President kajal.soni2015@rnbglobal.ac.in
2. Mr. Amit Saini Vice President amit.saini2018@rnbglobal.ac.in
3. Ms. Vaishali Khajanchi Member Secretary vaishali.khajanchi2015@rnbglobal.ac.in
4. Mr. Kishan Agarwal Treasurer krishan.agarwal2017@rnbglobal.ac.in
5. Mr. Ajay Bagri Executive Member ajay.bagri2017@rnbglobal.ac.in
6. Mr. Vishal Chandak Executive Member vishalchandak2017@rnbglobal.ac.in
7. Mr. Arham Bothra Executive Member arham.bothra2016@rnbglobal.ac.in
8. Mr. Naman Bhambri Executive Member naman.bhambri2018@rnbglobal.ac.in

Alumni Visited University

Mr. Akshat Goyal (BBA 2015-18)

Ms. Uma Sharma (MBA 2015-17)

Mr. Ankit Sand (MBA 2015-17)

Mr. Arham Bothra (B. Com 2016-19)

Mr. Varun Kumar (MBA 2015-17)


As an Alumni, one can contribute intellectually through various guidance activities like seminars, webinars, career counselling sessions, recruiting, recommending, etc.

An Alumni can contribute through providing education support to the students, and contributing towards extended facilities for the students or involve themselves in upliftment of society through involving them in social upliftment activities.