Refund and Cancellation Policy
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Refund and Cancellation Policy

Candidate who wants to withdraw his /her application will get refund as per below chart:
Types of Fees Before Commencement of Classes After Commencement of Classes
Enrollment Fee Non refundable Non refundable
Tution Fee 100% after deduction of Rs. 1000/- as per processing charges Non refundable
Examination Fee 100%; Non refundable
Hostel Fee 100% Refundable on pro rata Basis
Mess Fee 100% Refundable on pro rata Basis
Transportation Fee 100% Refundable on pro rata Basis
Caution Money 100% 100% after submission of no dues certificate from the administrative section

Process to Request a Refund

  • Applicant should apply to admission center for cancellation of enrollment and refund of money will be made as per refund policy
  • On receipt of application, the admission cell department will process the application as per refund rules and would prepare the refund cheque.
  • Refund cheques will be issued by the accounts department in the name of the concerned applicant after verification of document and receipt.
  • No interest is paid on a refund of any fees/deposit.
  • The University does not take responsibility for any delay in transit involved in receipt and delivery of any communication between the university and the applicant

Note: The University reserves the right to modify and amend refund and cancellation Policy.

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