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A University is not merely gauged by the quality of education that it provides, it is also determined on the infrastructure standards that it is conferring onto the students. Accommodation is a very prominent infrastructure facet that reflects the true position of a University.

We are highly intent on carving a distinctive difference in every realm of the students. We have therefore been moving at full stead in the development of world class accommodation for our precious students.

RNB Global University

An Air of Distinctive Difference

It is our innate desire to provide the very best of facilities to the students. We therefore engaged the services of leading architects and interior designers to deliver an architectural design that is both contemporary and modern. The room layout is designed in such a manner that there are well laid out spaces in every room. It has also been ensured that each room is bestowed with a sufficient supply of natural light.

Categorization of Accommodation

We have laid out separate residential block for boys and girls. We have also incorporated a residential complex for the members of our faculty. All these blocks carry an effective central air conditioning system.

Self Sufficient Rooms

The rooms are equipped with sufficient lighting and other electrical fitments. They will also be substantially furnished with contemporary wardrobes and separate study areas. The bathrooms are also fitted with modern amenities to ensure that the students enjoy a comfortable stay at their accommodation.

RNB Global University

Hygienic Rooms

We believe that perfect hygiene is a quintessential requirement for the general well-being of our students. We have therefore ensured that the rooms, the corridors, the bathrooms and the hostel mess are all sanitized and disinfected on a regular basis rendering a crystal clean facade to the entire hostel block.

Dining Space & Kitchen

The dining room is designed to be substantially large so that there is sufficient free space even after the placing of dining tables and chairs for the resident students. Though the dining area is centrally air-conditioned, provision has been made to permit the free flow of natural light within the room. The kitchen is equipped with all the modern tools and equipment for cooking. The kitchen is equipped with all the modern tools and equipments for cooking. Keeping in mind, the diverse student populace, the kitchen shall bring forth regional vividity in the diet on a daily basis to satiate the gastronomic needs of our valued students.

RNB Global University


We have enforced 24 hour security for all the residential blocks in the University. The pathways and the open areas around the hostel blocks will be sufficiently illuminated to ensure absolute safety for the women students and faculty. We have begun the process of installing IP cameras at all vantage points for added security.


The hostel residents have access to a fully functional gym with a professional trainer to meet the fitness requirements of the students. The students also have access to many indoor games such as Table Tennis, Carrom, Chess, etc. In addition, we have installed LED TV screens in the hostel to meet the infotainment requirements of the students.


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